Get your head-to-toe vintage wedding look from The Wardrobe Shop

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Do y'all remember our sponsor The Wardrobe Shop — the place to find all the vintage-styles of your Downton Abbey fashion dreams? For those that don't recall when we wrote about them last year: The Wardrobe Shop carries vintage-style clothes inspired by Titanic-era fashions, Downton Abbey, and Old Hollywood silent movie stars.

Now they're back with a special promotion! But first, let's talk vintage-style fashion…

Great Gatsby dress
Great Gatsby dress

Okay, first let's talk about The Wardrobe Shop's awesome dresses. If you're looking for a vintage-style wedding dress, The Wardrobe Shop has you covered with their 1920s, '30s, and '40s dresses made by designers Nataya and Sue Wong. The dresses also come in several different colors…

New Vintage Titanic Dress in sage.
New Vintage Titanic Dress in sage.

When you dream about your vintage-style dress, do you dream in color? With ruby reds, sage greens, dark blacks… Wardrobe Shop is your dream realized. OR maybe these dresses are perfect for the dress-wearing-folk in your wedding party. With their sizes ranging from small to plus going up to 26, these finds are accessible for a range of bodies.

vintage style wedding hats

Now let's talk about accessories. The Wardrobe Shop has 'em. Oh, the hats are really just the cat's pyjamas. I am DYING to see one of our peeps rocking one of these fabulous vintage-style hats on their wedding day. The Wardrobe Shop also has vintage-style shoes, accessories, and outerwear. Just look at this coat…

Vintage velvet ruffle coat
Vintage velvet ruffle coat

Speaking of buying new coats and accessories… It's back-to-school time! Yeah, okay, not all of us are actually going back-to-school, but that doesn't mean we can't re-live the fun of using it as an excuse to buy new clothes. Or, you know… use The Wardrobe Shop's back-to-school promo to get a discount on your vintage-style wedding outfit.

Wardrobe Shop is running a “back-to-school week” special. You can take 10% off all dresses, shoes, hats, and accessories with this coupon code: BACKTOSCHOOL10. This promo ends September 2, 2014 and it's only for the first 25 people who use it.

Take advantage of The Wardrobe Shop's “back-to-school” discount, and drape yourself head-to-toe in fabulous vintage styles for your fabulous vintage wedding!

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Comments on Get your head-to-toe vintage wedding look from The Wardrobe Shop

  1. They really stay true to the era style! Just look at the coat, love the lines on it.

  2. I really love these fashions! I’m also excited about the range of sizes available; even though I’m not in the market for a vintage-style wedding gown, there’s plenty here for me to consider buying.

    Unfortunately, I’ve learned that clothing doesn’t fit the same as you go up the sizes (and vintage-style clothing uses cuts I’m not always familiar with; we don’t do dropped-waist much anymore!). I know asking for plus-sized models for everything is a tough request to honor, but something I’ve seen that works is providing a space for real life models to submit photos. Something to think about, anyway.

  3. Man, I love the clothes from this era, but they just don’t strike me as plus-size friendly. They may have a range of sizes, but you never see anyone but straight-sized (and straight like the body type!) girls modeling these. And I’m not just picking on the Wardrobe Shop here, I think Ruche’s bridal collection is guilty of this as well. The dresses are beautiful, but the cuts don’t look like they’d be great on anyone other than Lady Mary! And again, perhaps my perception is shaped by the fact that you never see anyone else wearing these clothes…

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