Make your own custom View Master-style wedding invitations with Image3D

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Remember way back in 2009 when we featured those DIY View Master invitations that the internet collectively lost their minds over? Were you one of the many that thought “Holy crap, I want those to be MY wedding invitations.” Then you took one look at what it took to DIY and thought “Ha ha, just kidding: that's way too much work.” Well, think again y'all, because our sponsor Image3D has come to your rescue!

The owner of Image3D, Rich Dubnow, worked as the lead photographer for View-Master for over 20 years, so… yeah… he knows a thing or two about these ol' reels and viewers…

Image3D custom reel and viewer

All the reels are made using your own photos — you can upload them instantly right from your computer onto their site. Although, unless you've taken 3D images, the images themselves will only be 2D. The 3D part comes when you use their reel-making program to add eye-popping 3D text! Coolest. Wedding invitations. Ever.

custom reels and viewers

How making your own Image3D reels works:

  1. Upload your images using their online Reel Builder
  2. Choose your seven favorite images and crop, change their color, etc.
  3. Add your 3D captions.
  4. Once your reel is complete, simply put it in your shopping cart and checkout.

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Image3D is offering our readers a 10% discount!
Just use the code OffbeatReel at checkout to take advantage of this sweet deal.

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Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Whether you want to order 200 for your wedding invites, five as your reception table settings, or one very special reel to pop the question, Image3D has the ability to make any and all of your 3D schemes happen.

Oh, and good news for international readers: while everything Image3D does is 100% made in the USA, they do ship all over the world.

So errybody can jump on the nostalgic awesomeness of View Master-style invitations… ORDER YOURS TODAY!

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