Use a Sonic Screwdriver to keep track of your RSVPs

Guest post by Siobhan03

sonic screwdriver and rsvosI read the advice to mark all your invitations with a number on the back, and then keep a corresponding list. That way, in case someone forgets to write their name on their RSVP, you can refer to the list to see who it belonged to. It may sound like a waste of time, but it's a really great idea. Believe me: someone will forget their name!

So, here's my secret: get yourself a UV pen. Because if you're like me, the idea of a list is great but, you don't want an ugly number marking up all your beautiful invitations. The moment I saw a sonic screwdriver that is both a standard pen and a UV pen, the light bulb went off.

uv pen rsvp number

And it worked perfectly! Not only that, pretty soon every time an RSVP came back in I was running to get the sonic screwdriver so I could find the number and check them off my list.

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  2. I did this! I actually didn’t need to use the light to check because everyone sent them back with their names on it but it was great to know that it was there just in case.

  3. My wife-to-be and I did this. Unfortunately, my sonic is a couple of years old, and the UV nib has dried out. UV pens are surprisingly difficult to find. So, we resorted to clear liquid laundry detergent and a fine paint brush. Worked like a charm! Some people freaked out a bit that there was no place to put their name, while others just assumed we knew what we were doing (or just didn’t even notice). The most fun is when people ask, and we get to tell them that we used psychic paper. 🙂

    • You guys didn’t even use names!? That’s some bad-ass-ness right there.

  4. I did this, and used the exact same sonic! Totally worth it. I had one come back labeled “Michael???” And it wasn’t even from Mike. It was from his parents. So, the sonic saved the day!

  5. Whovian tech, genius use of such, AND the exact same envelopes I used???? Are you my twin????

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