build a lego heart

We showed you Jill and Zach's first look on this Reader Round-up, but here's the nerd-tastic ceremony idea that you're going to want to steal. Jill and Zach built a heart out LEGOs together as their unity ceremony…

lego heart unity ceremony

Just think of all the things you could build out of LEGO for your unity ceremony! Can't wait to see what y'all come up with.

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Comments on Build a unity heart out of LEGO

  1. As someone doing a Lego-themed wedding, I love this idea! Though I may choose it to be a cake topper instead of part of the ceremony. Super cute!

  2. I love seeing this! I want a Star Wars wedding and I’ve always wanted to build a ship from the series as the unity ceremony.

  3. Chewtoy has been married before. I just saw this and asked if he was familiar with a unity candle ceremony. “Been there, done that,” he told me, clearly bored. So I asked, “What about a unity Lego?” >beat< "Okay!" BOOM another thing DONE! This is why I hang out here. 😀

  4. We had a lego cake-topper and a lego heart unity ceremony! We played a classical interpretation of “Everything is Awesome” during the build and people who “got it” loved it, and people who didn’t just thought it was a lovely piece of music =)

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