Hello, deer: Cat flats, Hello Kitty creepers, and more TUK wedding shoes

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From left to right: all from TUK shoes.
From left to right: On a Forest-Name basis flats, Velveteen Spirit heels and In Love With Unicorn flats, all from TUK shoes.

You've seen TUK wedding shoes many times on Offbeat Bride — they make the all-time most popular Offbeat Bride shoe (the peacock heel!) and the recently very popular cat flats.

TUK might historically be known for their creepers (and their Hello Kitty creepers are especially cute!), but they now crank out a full range of heels and flats that are a bit less Hot Topic and a little more Hawt Mama. I mean, if you think unicorn flats are hawt, which I do… but then again of course I would. Part of why everyone seems to love TUK so much is that they're so dang affordable — nothing like $40 pleather wedding shoes to keep your wedding budget in check. All this in mind, let's review some of my favorite TUK wedding shoe styles, starting with the deer-faced flats…

On a Forest-Name Basis Flat

peacock wedding shoes on offbeat bride

Velveteen Spirit Heel

cat flats on offbeat bride

red anchor wedge

In Love with Unicorn Flat in Periwinkle

pink polkadot wedding shoes

Up Your Alley Cat Flat in Pink Dots

western stitch wedding shoes on offbeat bride

burgandy kitten heel

cute skull shoes

hello kitty creepers on offbeat bride

red sparkly flats on offbeat bride

blue polkadot shoes on offbeat bride

galaxy shoes on offbeat bride

mint day of the dead shoes

Random bonus weird thing you can register for:

Whatcha doin' in there, honey? Oh, you know… just adding this galactic cat face shower curtain to our wedding registry…

weird shower curtain on offbeat bride

(Pro tip: set up a universal registry on Amazon to immediately add weird shit like this to YOUR registry.)

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  1. I bought the unicorn flats for my ceremony and the pink kitty flats for my reception!
    They are soo cute and comfy, I love them!

  2. The peacock pumps were my rehearsal dinner shoe – and I wear them EVERY CHANCE I get now! (I’ll be taking them on my cruise next week!)

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