Level up your brooch bouquet: give it a theme!

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Level up your brooch bouquet: give it a theme!
Photo from Cat's animal-themed brooch bouquet from Cat

I love brooch bouquets, and people, I know you do too. That's why we've got an entire fucking archive of posts about 'em.

Now, there is no such thing as an uncool brooch bouquet. Glittery, shiny pins are simply incapable of not looking awesome. BUT. Have you ever considered building your bouquet to a theme? Hm? Cat did just that with her animal-themed bouquet.

Level up your brooch bouquet: give it a theme!
I spy a dog, some owls, a fish, and at least one beetle.

The spectacular thing about a themed bouquet is that you could do it for ANYTHING. Have you ever really checked out the brooches at a thrift store? If you want all stars, all blue, all bugs, all bows, all dogs, WHATEVER… I'm betting you could find it.

And if you can't find enough to make your bouquet as big as you'd like? Well, notice that Cat supplemented hers with a few non-animal glittery bits too. There are no rules.

Tell me, Offbeat Brides. What would your themed-out brooch bouquet look like?

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  1. When I started buying brooches for my bouquet, my sister (my only attendant) wanted a brooch bouquet too. At first I thought I would make mine in silver and hers in gold. But I just couldn’t get it right…
    So I laid out all of my goodies and separated it by blues/purples and pinks/golds. So much better! If you were too look at the two bouquets together, they wouldn’t necessarily look like they belong in the same wedding, other than shape, but they were perfect. And I was able to include a flower from Grama’s corsage from my sister’s wedding into her bouquet. Perfect.

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