The Force is strong with this wedding

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0187I'm going to be like a gentle lover to you with Tribe member RedZulu‘s wedding. I'm just going to lovingly tease you with all its goodies and then hit you with the big stuff a little later. 😉 So, I've already shown you the Han Solo in carbonite groom's cake. Did you like that, baby? Did you want some more? Okay, here are some more titillating details from this Star Wars-themed wedding…

0290Great groomsman picture or GREATEST groomsman picture ever?

0878 - EntrancePay attention ya'll because THIS is how you make an entrance. In fact, to my friends and family reading this, it'd be great if every time I walked into a room at least two of you could do this for me. Kthnxby.

1347Okay this isn't Star Wars-y, but these ladies are just so adorable I wanted to share them with ya'll.

0778Their “table numbers” were actually vintage-style movie posters from all their favorite movies. This table, of course, was the most awesome table.

1286 - YMCA TroopersNo words.

You turned on yet? Awesome, because we're about to hit you with the entire bride profile in a few days. OH THE ANTICIPATION!

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  1. The countdown to my dude watching Star Wars is ON! Maybe we can add a little to the wedding, because this is so seriously awesome! I love the storm trooper helmets, the vintage poster, the cake from before, the lightsaber arch!
    At least he’s an awesome dude and is buying the dvds for me for my birthday, knowing he will then have to watch it whether or not he enjoys it.

  2. Those bridesmaid dresses are fabulous! The dress and the glove ensemble is similar to what my red dresses will be, but the black and white with the red is stunning!

    I have to show my fiance that entrance, because I just know we’ll say we HAVE to do something similar!

    • Agreed. Those dresses are amazing. Must have details! Where’d they come from? Were they custom made?

  3. If you do the lightsaber entrance I suggest the nice sabers. We live in TX and had to travel to FL for the wedding and we had to much to bring so we opted not to bring our FX saber and use some cheaper ones. They worked and were a lot of fun later. 🙂

    The bridesmaids dresses were from unique vintage. I LOVE that store. I also bought my rehearsal dinner dress from them and a bathing suit for the honeymoon. lol Can’t go wrong.

  4. Most epic wedding ever? I think so. Holy lightsabers, Batman! That is the most bad ass… anything… ever!

    Tips on where I can get trooper helmets like those? I just need them in my house, screw my wedding.

  5. Megan, I think you just brought the “wedding porn” concept to a whole new level and now I feel naughty for enjoying this so much. 😉

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