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I bought 7 Temu wedding dresses and I have thoughts…

‘Sup it's Offbeat Wed's assistant editor Suki and while trying on 7 Temu wedding dresses for a Halloween wedding or a gothic wedding, I kinda lost my sh*t.

I honestly didn't know what to expect, but this Temu wedding dress journey was full of surprises (like falling in love with a wedding outfit completely opposite of my style) and extreme reactions, especially with one Temu wedding accessory in particular.

I bought 7 different styles of Halloween wedding dresses and Temu wedding accessories ranging from rustic Pagan wedding to a gothic wedding ‘fit with a black corset and even a sparkly pantsuit situation! Ready for a Halloween wedding dress fashion show?

First, let's talk about buying Temu wedding products…

Offbeat Wed has had conversations about buying cheaper products from China for decades. At the end of the day, each individual gets to decide where their consumer values align.

If you have the money to avoid buying from big box stores or offshore-vendors, that's wonderful! And if shopping from places like Temu helps you align with your wedding goals, that's great too! We like to give options for every marrier at Offbeat Wed, but ultimately, you're in control of where your money goes.

Black Cathedral Wedding Veil + Black Sweetheart Wedding Dress

When you type in gothic wedding dresses on Temu, this image (the photo on the left) pops up the most. It's for a black cathedral wedding veil, and the model is wearing a fitted black wedding dress in the photo. I wanted to recreate this photo on the left as closely as I could! First, I tried to find a black wedding dress that was similar to the picture. I landed on a black wedding dress with a split and a sweetheart neckline (right) and bought the cathedral veil from the photo on the left.

Holy sh*t! Color me impressed. I felt like a Gothic princess and I only paid 31.48 for both the veil and the dress. My husband helped me fluff the veil and adjust the train of the dress even said it was perfect for an elegant goth wedding. I felt like Christine Quinn from her goth wedding on Selling Sunset!

The black cathedral wedding veil was lovely and long. It looked exactly like the photo. As for the black floor-length split wedding dress, it was surprisingly decent. The material was thick and stretchy with a built-in bra. It came with clear straps too if you needed a little extra support on your shoulders. The chest portion was a bit lopsided for me with too much fabric on one side, but nothing a seamstress couldn't easily fix (at an affordable budget too).

MY RATING: 4/5 Gothic princesses would approve of this Temu wedding outfit

 Gothic Black Lace Tassels Choker Chain

I got this Gothic black choker necklace to complement the sweetheart neckline and it fell apart as soon as I opened the package. I threw my head back and yelled “Of course!” I had to have at least one broken product in the mix, right?! In the photos I have the choker strategically placed around my neck to look like it's clasped just so you all could get the idea of what it could look like. Sure I could have used a safety pin, but who'd want to wear a necklace held together by a safety pin on their wedding day? Like every female character written by Edgar Allen Poe, this choker is beautiful but fragile. I also have sensitive skin and am unsure what this material was made of, so I probably wouldn't keep it on my neck for long. Great for an actual Halloween costume, not so much for a Halloween wedding.

MY RATING: 1/5 Haunted heirlooms

Gothic Feather Shoulder Wrap 

I've always wanted to try one of these feathery shrugs. These would look uh-mazing at a Halloween wedding, like if it was themed after a 20's occult party! Admittedly, the shrug doesn't look as fancy as the one in the photo. Perhaps I needed to fluff it more? But even the ribbon holding the feathers together is a lot more noticeable IRL. It does make for a bold statement piece though, but I'd probably wear it to a party versus my goth wedding. They even come in multiple colors!

MY RATING: 3/5 Raven feathers

White Off Shoulder Wedding Dress

Let's switch it up with a white off-shoulder wedding dress for a Halloween wedding. I wanted to try a wedding outfit that said “subtle” Halloween. This could be perfect for a rustic Pagan wedding or an autumn solstice wedding with celestial themes. I paired this white Temu wedding dress with a celestial crown (not from Temu). It's giving cottagecore witch! Imagine holding a dried floral bouquet with this Halloween wedding dress. Swoon!

The chest and sleeves were too big, so I'd need altering if I wanted it to sit like the model on the left photo. The rest of the dress flowed beautifully, although it doesn't quite have the same “build” as the skirt section on the left pic. There are two layers of material throughout, a sheer chiffon-esque material and a stretchy nylon beneath, but its still a bit see-through. If I were to alter this, I'd add a more opaque layer beneath the skirt area so no one would see my “something blue” undies.

MY RATING: 3/5 Dried bundles of herbs

Split Extra Long Sleeve Black Wedding Dress

I was drawn to this Halloween wedding dress for the sleeve DRAMA! C'mon, bat-wing sleeves for a goth wedding goes together like werewolves on a full moon. Pair this split extra long sleeve black wedding dress with a gothic choker and a red lip for ultimate vampire queen vibes and have fun swatting everyone with your uber long sleeves at the wedding reception!

MY RATING: 5/5 Coffins

Cap Sleeve Jumpsuit with Overskirt

What do we love more than a wedding pantsuit? A wedding pantsuit hybrid dress! I was excited to try this because I love the combo of pants and a skirt. Unfortunately, I somehow missed the part where it said the color was navy blue. It looked darker on my screen! Anyway, that was an L on my part. In any case, it would still make a great fit for a wedding party ensemble or a parent of the marrier! I actually loved the chest/neckline and the flowers on the sleeve. Baddies with thick thighs beware: I ordered a large in this, but was still getting a bit of a camel toe situation.

MY RATING: 2/5 Camel toes

I tried a thing with this deer antler headband

I tried to pair the pantsuit with this spooky antler headband I found on Temu, as I've seen a lot of antlers incorporated in Pagan weddings. I nearly lost it when I looked in the mirror–I couldn't stop laughing! I looked more like a sketchy reindeer than the Pagan goddess look I was going for. Definitely a huge pass on these antlers if you're looking for Temu wedding accessories!

MY RATING: 0/5 Sketchy reindeer

Short Lace Velvet Gothic Wedding Dress

This velvet short black wedding dress would be perfect for a Halloween micro-wedding or a Halloween elopement! If you're getting married somewhere that leans chilly (think slightly above “sweater weather”) in October, the velvet certainly keeps you warm! I was surprised at how elegant I could feel in a short dress. I paired it with a black crystal crown to add a subtle statement piece. I could see this as a sweet wedding reception dress paired with comfortable sneakers!

MY RATING: 5/5 Halloween wedding reception wardrobe changes

Black Crystal Vintage Headband

This black crystal headband was surprisingly sturdy for a Temu wedding accessory! I added this for an extra “oomph” to the velvet short black wedding dress. If you're having an outdoor Halloween wedding, a Pagan wedding, a Celtic wedding, or want to add natural elements in your gothic wedding, this black crystal tiara is it. It looks exactly as pictured, too!

Black Tulle Flared Wedding Skirt

I wanted a Temu wedding outfit that gave ultimate goth wedding vibes, so I went for a two-piece wedding outfit. I bought this black mesh wedding skirt (it feels like tulle) and paired it with a black corset that I already own. I should preface this with the fact that I don't normally go for the goth aesthetic but HOT DAMN. I couldn't stop spinning and flouncing! Again, goth is not my style, but something about this combination made me feel beautiful and powerful. This two-piece ‘fit was a total wild card, but it's probably my favorite. This black wedding skirt would be perfect for a gothic wedding, a historical period wedding, or even a goth rave wedding. I would totally pair this with black lace gloves and a choker!

MY RATING: 5/5 Goth ravers approve

My honest thoughts about Temu wedding dresses

After trying on all 7 Temu wedding dresses for a Halloween wedding, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the actual dresses were within or above my realm of expectation. However, the wedding accessories I bought left much to be desired. Ultimately, I believe you can totally put together your dream wedding outfit using Temu. I would plan out your dream wedding outfit, regardless of price point, then consider which pieces of your wardrobe you're willing to splurge on and which pieces you don't mind getting for lower quality. For instance, if a designer black wedding dress is your dream purchase, but you can't bring yourself to spend a lot of money on a veil to complete your look, then Temu is a great resource! But keep your expectations realistic and be ok with losing your sh*t laughing. Remember my antler headband? That was a choice.

A few tips if you're buying a Temu wedding dress

1) Read the reviews!

If there are pictures in the reviews, even better. If you love what you bought, help other soonlyweds by leaving a review!

2) Order EARLY.

Temu products are cheap, but the catch is that they take longer to arrive. I read that some Temu users received their products in a month, but I received mine fairly quickly (about 1-2 weeks). In any case, I wouldn't put off purchasing things at the last minute. Plus, you want to make sure you have enough time for alterations.

3) Plan for alterations.

For my budget-savvy folks, getting a dress from Temu altered might be inevitable (you can't expect custom fit perfection at that price point). The outfits were all mostly true to size, although none of them fit perfectly. But, since this is not made with intricate or expensive fabric, your seamstress won't charge you an arm and a leg the way they would if you walked in with a designer gown made of silk and lace. The alterations should be pretty minimal if you order the size closest to your measurements.

3) Use Klarna or another “buy now pay later” service.

There were some online articles about Temu users who were convinced their credit card information was being sold on the dark web after purchasing from Temu. There were also multiple conversations about foreign online privacy policies. I don't know how true any of those are, and have not seen any concrete evidence from news sources I trust on this matter. But, I decided not to risk it for the biscuit and, thanks to a suggestion from a helpful Temu user, opted to use Klarna instead just to be safe.

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