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First, if you want a free wedding website as unique as you are, Offbeat Wed offers cute & creative templates with RSVP tools (and more!), so you should totally check those out. If you’re looking for advice about what to put on your wedding website or questions about what to put on a wedding website FAQ and more, read on…

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6 tips for an extra-useful wedding website

Not everyone chooses to have a wedsite, but since many offbeat weddings are themed, costumed, outdoors, interfaith, or just plain need a little ‘splainin’, a wedding website is often your key to making sure you give everyone a heads up. Here are six tips for giving your wedsite some extra zing.

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How I’m using my wedding website to explain my mixed-faith wedding to dubious family members

Our wedsite FAQ will be how 80% of my (very Catholic) family will have the “Surprise! I’ve converted to a different religion!” news broken to them, so it’s important. So I figured I’d share the wording we used, in case someone was in a similar situation and wanted some wording ideas…

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How to write honest already-married wedding invitations (when you’re already legally married, but having a wedding anyway!)

We sent out our Save the Dates. We’re having a pretty relaxed, but pretty big, picnic wedding in a park. I’ll wear a white dress, he’ll wear a suit, there may be speeches, there will be games. But we’re already married. So as I put together our Wordpress wedsite, and our Save the Dates, I thought a lot about wording, and about transparency, and about inclusion.

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How can I make sure my wedding website won’t show up on Google?

For professional reasons, my sweetheart and I want to make sure that personal pictures, info, contact emails or numbers, etc. do not pop up when someone Googles our names. We want to make a wedding website to help guests with planning a trip to our location and for RSVPing, but we’re concerned about the possibility of the site showing up in searches.

I know some sites have a password-protection option. Will this be enough to keep people from finding the website through searches? If not, what else can we do to keep people from finding the site?

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What should I put on my wedding website FAQ? 28 Q&As to for less wedding guest confusion

How can you stop the constant barrage of wedding questions from wonderfully well-meaning guests? With an all-encompassing FAQ page of course! If you’re sitting at your computer, wondering what exactly you should include on your FAQ, here is a huge master list of the things your guests are dying to know.