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Lou And Ellis Fern Photography 7 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Disco Pride: a gay three-day Buddhist wedding

We think the best way to describe the proceedings is as a three-day wedding festival – vibrant, cheery, and outdoors! They didn’t realize they had a theme until after sharing what they were wearing themselves on the day and someone described it as “Disco Pride” and people seemed to run with that which was great!

Bask in the magic of this ritualistic woodland fairy wedding

Bask in the magic of this ritualistic woodland fae wedding (with a handmade dress!)

“We wanted our guests to feel like they had left the mortal world behind and stepped into a secret place shrouded in magic and mystery. Fortunately, Wellspring Spa has that effect all on its own, but I tried to cover everything in fairy crap just for good measure. ” When you just want to see some fairy crap, this wedding will be your balm. Get away from the real world for a while and explore this woodland fae wedding. Just wait until you see what the bride used for her ribbon wands. Spoiler: it wasn’t ribbons!

Catskills wedding with prom-themed reception as seen on @offbeatbride #catskills #wedding #lgbt

Wait until you see this Catskills Buddhist wedding with prom-themed reception

These two cuties had a lovely journey to their Catskills Buddhist wedding at Dai Bosatsu Catskills. They had been attending a weekly sit at Dai Bosatsu Zendo’s NYC zendo, Shobo-ji, and eventually started visiting Dai Bosatsu Zendo, a Zen Buddhist monastery in the Catskills. Side note: when you see it in these photos, be warned it will take your breath away. Soon after the two got engaged, they learned that Dai Bosatsu Zendo hosted weddings. They then booked the gorgeous Arnold House in Livingston Manor for a prom-themed reception.

Wedding elevator pose on @offbeatbride

You’ll fall so hard for Nicole & Asher’s free expression, red dress, totally non-conforming wedding

The theme to this wedding was “freedom of expression.” These two had to overcome many obstacles from society in regards to orientations, identities, and professions. Freedom to express themselves was the top priority. You’ll definitely want to see the red dress, awesomely dapper suit, 1000 cranes at the BBQ reception, and super personalized and intimate touches everywhere.

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Elaine & Mu’s book-themed tea party backyard wedding

Thrifted tea pots and finger sandwiches make our pinkies lift involuntarily. It’s only natural that we’d squee over this wedding: the handmade purple dress masterpiece, the seamlessly integrated interfaith details, and the geeky book details are stellar. Don’t miss how Strictly Ballroom may have subliminally influenced the bride’s decision to marry her groom!

Silliman Dunnagan Shewanders Photography 100shewanderscarriealynn4157 low alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Pinwheels, sunshine, and a flash mob dance at this San Diego wedding

Carrie and Alynn created one of those idyllic days where everything seems to glow with love (and a fabulous blue sky day in San Diego never hurts!). From the pinwheel-lined path and bluegrass rendition of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry, the ceremony is one sweet moment after another. They celebrated their respective faiths, Christianity and Buddhism, and included a handfasting with ribbons tied by their mothers.