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Yep, ’80s theme weddings are totally a thing, full of neon, hairspray, and great songs. This is our archive of 1980s wedding dresses, wedding party ideas, and more!

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Get ready to light up at this disco wedding with a joint bar

Due to the world being turned upside down, we had to cancel our wedding… like many brides, I had to pivot. We had recently bought our first home and spent so much time working on it, so we decided to have our wedding in our backyard. Our garage turned into Studio 54 with an amazing disco ball installation, 80’s furniture, checkered floor, and a chic curated joint bar for our guests (which was a real hit of the night!).

Travel back to the future after seeing this bitchin' 1980s-themed wedding

Travel back to the future after seeing this bitchin’ 1980s-themed wedding

Ashley and Wendy had a 1980s-themed wedding to end all retro weddings. We’re talking cassette tape centerpieces, boom boxes, hair band photos (with lyrics!), retro-fabulous ’80s wear, and major dance floor shenanigans. If we could channel the soundtrack to this wedding, I think we’d be rocking out HARD. These ladies love the eighties and we love them.

Are you ready to take a Delorean back in time to 1985 where clearly this wedding took place?

Personalized photo booth backdrops

Death Stars & ’80s lasers: photo booth backdrops that will become everyone’s profile photo

We love us some photo booths, so if you’re planning to DIY your own at your reception, you’ve got to have a fun backdrop, right? Here are some photo booth backdrops that can be personalized with your names, some that are sci-fi-themed, and a whole lot of sequins and retro fun.

This Labyrinth themed wedding of two ladies is already a cult classic with us

This Labyrinth wedding of two ladies is already a cult classic with us

Emma and Rebecca’s Labyrinth wedding took place in Mesnes Park in Wigan, UK. From the music (Magic Dance!) to the costumes (just wait until you see the goblins and fireys and Bowie makeup) to the amazing worm cake (come inside and meet the missus!), this was an homage to the cult classic the likes of which we have never seen.

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DIY these Totally Awesome Boom Box wedding invitations from Download & Print

I’m Anna Skye from Download & Print and I share printable wedding invitations. I had such fun sharing my Vinyl Record invitation with Offbeat Brides that I’m back with a new invitation, new musical era, and new free template just for you!

Psst: If ’80s glam isn’t your thing, read to the bottom to get details on having a custom invitation suite designed for you for FREE by yours truly…

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Deyanna & Dustin’s Stormtrooper zombie homebrew wedding

We’ve got Stormtroopers, Vader, zombies, a green man, a cemetery cake, cemetery photos, an ’80s cover band, a unity zombie head, and just about a thousand other awesome details. If that isn’t enough to grab you, then you need some of their seven kegs of home-brewed beer, stat.