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Guest post by Anna Skye
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Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I'm Anna Skye from Download & Print and I share printable wedding invitations to help DIY brides rock their wedding stationery without spending the Earth. I had such fun sharing my Vinyl Record invitation with Offbeat Brides that I'm back with a new invitation, new musical era, and new free template just for you! It's neon, loud, and totally awesome, just like the '80s.

If you grew up among big hair, shoulder pads, and Swatch watches, and you only have fond memories of mix tapes, glam metal and The A-Team, bring back the '80s on your wedding day with this totally awesome boom box wedding invitation.

(Psst: If '80s glam isn't your thing, scroll to the bottom to get details on having a custom invitation suite designed for you for FREE by yours truly.)


Open the boom box to reveal your invitation and wedding details, then slide out the cassette for the RSVP and song request. The invitation comes together with just paper, scissors, glue, a bit of patience, and a mandatory soundtrack. Get your friends together, pull up your leg warmers, form a production line, and these invitations will come together faster than you can put together a Rubik's Cube.

Download the free templates here, turn up the volume, and let's begin…


Make the boom box

Suggested soundtrack: Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp


STEP 1: Print the template on 8.5 x 11″ white card.

TIP: Paper between 65 lbs and 110 lbs works best. The heavy weight is luxurious to touch, but not so heavy that your printer starts smoking, rendering this entire DIY process a complete fail before you actually get to any DIYing.

STEP 2: Score the paper along the middle dotted line using a scoring tool, or in a pinch, a closed mechanical pencil. This prepares the paper for folding.

STEP 3: Fold along the crease you just created, printed side out, and glue the boom box together.

STEP 4: Cut along the outer edges of the boom box, discarding the logos and printed instructions in the process. There is no need to cut along your fold. An X-acto knife, ruler, and cutting mat works really well for this, but scissors will also do the trick.

TIP: If using scissors, when you get to the handle, cut toward the center of the little notch beside the handle. This will help you get a clean corner cut.

Make the cassette

Suggested soundtrack: Maniac by Michael Sembello


STEP 1: Download the template and add your details in MS Word or Mac Pages. The fonts used in my sample are Prisma and Century Gothic, both of which are free downloads, so go ahead and grab them and install on your PC. If you don't have these fonts installed before you open the template Word will substitute fonts, which could make the design look a little funky (typically not in a good way!). You can use any fonts that you like, however.


STEP 2: Print on white card stock.

STEP 3: Cut out the cassette and attached RSVP card.

STEP 4: Score along the middle line just like you did for the boom box, and fold in half.

STEP 5: Snip each corner at a 45-degree angle for the full retro look.

Make the tape deck

Suggest soundtrack: Take on Me by A-Ha


STEP 1: Download the template and add your wedding details in MS Word or Mac Pages. Print on white card stock.

STEP 2: Cut out the deck using an X-acto knife and ruler for the straight edges, and scissors for the curved hinges. Or just use scissors — it's really what takes your fancy. Don't forget to cut out the tape deck window. This is definitely easier with an X-acto knife but is possible with scissors, though you may crease the invitation making the initial cut.

STEP 3: Score the fold lines on the card and hinges (don't underestimate this step! You'll thank me after about invitation #25).

STEP 4: Fold into a z-shape, so the tape deck is on top.

STEP 5: Take a piece of the Vellum that you've cut to 3.5 x 5″ and glue to the back of the tape deck window. It's really starting to come together now.

STEP 6: Fold the hinges along the fold lines into a similar z-pattern and glue about ¾” up from the tape deck fold. This finishes the tape deck and creates the slot for your cassette.

Mount the tape deck to boom box

Suggested soundtrack: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor


STEP 1: Add a Velcro dot to the bottom inside corner of the tape deck to hold the deck closed. Opening this will now reveal the invitation portion and your wedding details.

TIP: To align the Velcro like a pro, stick the loop Velcro dot to the corner of the invitation. Place the hook dot on top. Peel off the backing to the hook dot and close the tape deck. Voila, perfect placement.

STEP 2: Use a couple more Velcro dots to hold the tape deck closed.

STEP 3: Tape or glue the entire tape deck to the boom box. I prefer double-sided tape; it's strong and less messy.

STEP 4: Insert the cassette/RSVP into the tape deck and close.

Ta-da… '80s glam invitation that's sure to wow your guests and create a buzz.

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