Break a watch to stop time during your wedding

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Tine and Niels kept a pretty loose, mystical, ethereal vibe going throughout their geeky, vegetarian-friendly wedding, but let me call your attention to one magical detail in particular. The couple decided to outsource their actual ceremony (in itself a brilliant idea absolutely worth stealing) to a few different loved ones. Here's what two guests came up with for their contribution:

Two friends (brothers) tried to deterimine whether this was actually the most beautiful moment of our life and what that actually meant for our future. At the end they broke a wristwatch to conserve “the most beautiful moment” and gave it to us as a present. -Tine

Now, what sci-fi-loving kid (or adult. I am certainly not one to judge) has not dreamed of manipulating time with a broken watch? If you and your partner are of a particularly geeky bent, consider working this broken-watch ceremony into your wedding rituals. Or, you know, gently con a friend into smashing one up for you.

Ta da! One beautiful moment (whichever moment you choose) preserved forever in metal and glass.

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Comments on Break a watch to stop time during your wedding

  1. Holy inspiration Batman! this is actually a PERFECT THING to work into the ceremony I am currently writing because (wait for it) a broken clock and “stopping time for the weekend” is a CENTRAL PART of the opening of the event…at which we met and go to annually.

    Offbeat Bride you are magical, I swear.

  2. I absolutely adore this idea! This may sound like a stupid question now… but how exactly do you break the watch so the time definitely stops but you still have a relatively intact momento (no shards of glass, etc.) to keep from your wedding day?

    • Yes!!! I have to know as well! I love this idea and I’m envisioning a scenario where I can keep the watch frozen at that time when we are officially married and later on put it in a shadow box of mementos, so I would rather it not be smashed to bits? Is there a non destructive way of stopping the hands from ever moving again?

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