Spider in your wedding bouquet

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I wrote in my book about the tiny white spider I found in my bouquet on my wedding day, but I love this idea:

bouquet w/feathers & crystal spider

Virginia added a small crystal spider to her rose bouquet. I love this as a way to add a subtle and playful accent on a more traditional floral arrangement.

And jeez who knew that there were so many options when it comes to crystal spiders.

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Comments on Spider in your wedding bouquet

    • people like spiders?? This is a cute post but I think I’d totally flip the F out haha!

  1. I love it! I have been called Spider for ages. Even Aunt Spider by some of my nieces and nephews.

    Your bouquet is beautiful. Love the red, the feathers, and most of all the spider.

  2. On my white wedding, I had exactly the same kind of bouquet (except the spider – relatives would have fainted). All such was reserved for the black celebration:)

  3. I had the real thing on my halloween wedding! 😀
    During my ceremony, a spider crawled up the arm of my maid of honor. Much to her credit, she freaked out very silently, ahahhaha 😀

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