Use snapshots of your guests to assign seating

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 | Photography by Closer to Love Photography

Kat and Earl injected their table assignments with a little more personalization by using snapshots of their guests. While this might not work for large weddings, your small-to-medium-sized wedding could totally benefit from more photos of your guests' purty faces. See more from Kat and Earl's handmade movie geek Disney-inspired wedding.

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Comments on Use snapshots of your guests to assign seating

  1. I always thought it would be really cool to have the favors be little caricatures of each of the guests. I’ve always enjoyed drawing but I know we are going to have a ‘large’ wedding and I’m not sure I could pull it off alone.

    • You could always pay someone to do a few of them for you 🙂 Places like fiverr (sp?) or etsy might have people who would be interested in doing that sort of thing!

      If it’s still a way off though, you can always start drawing now ;)!

    • I drew animal name tags for all the guests at an 80th birthday one time, there are cheats to drawing like tracing. I think Caricatures sound awesome!

  2. I’m busy doing this for my wedding, however, I have a little problem and would love suggestions. We are having a rather large wedding with lot’s of family friends. For this reason, I don’t actually have photos of everyone. How can I use snapshots for some and not for others?

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