Slow-motion wedding booth is the new hotness!

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Offbeat newlyweds, Adrienne and Chris, had a kick-ass wedding in Los Angeles. They also added a kick-ass twist to everyone's favorite photo booth… by making it a slow motion booth. Or as booth operators (and Offbeat Vendors) The Adventures Of call it, “the SlowMo Booth.”

Check it out all the glitter bombing, goofy faces, and slow-motion wedding joy in action (with some surprise guest appearances by one Wil Wheaton)…

I mean… that's all kinds of awesome, right!? And you know what's also cool about slow motion booths? Kiera (the owner of the SlowMo Booth) can make GIFs from the footage, like this one starring their Booth Boss, Niall, entitled GLITTER, BITCHES:

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  1. Loving this too! I’d love to get a mixture of photos, videos and slow-mo from a vendor like this. How do I find vendors in the Pacific Northwest that can do this?

    • I’d suggest contacting PNW photobooth and videography folks and asking if they have slow-mo capabilities!

    • Credit where credit is due: The original slow motion booth video (which went viral) was produced by a Seattle studio called Super Frog Saves Tokyo. A few videographers around the country are picking it up, just make sure to: 1) Ask for a sample video. As with everything, quality differs, particularly when lighting this beast. 2) Check how many frames per second their cameras are capable of. We shot this on a RED EPIC at 300 fps, which means it plays back at about 1/10 speed.

    • BTW sunny (and other Offbeat Brides), since you mention getting a mixture of photos and videos, I’d love to hear your thoughts on delivery options! This is a relatively new product and I want to make it just as awesome as possible. Right now we just deliver the edited “music video” mix that you see here, but I’ve toyed with the idea of delivering images, GIFs, Instagram videos… I’d love input.

      • Hmm.. you guys are probably taking video the entire time, rather than photos? Would it be possible for you to take the best snapshots/screenshots of each video clip (and maybe clips that didn’t quite make it), so there were a number of photos as well? I’d love to have photos to use in the future for albums, gifts, frames, etc. A little harder to frame animated GIFs, although I’m sure it’ll be possible someday. <– Business idea? 🙂

        • Thanks! Yep, the whole thing is video, but it’s high-resolution and really clean if you light it right, so it’s possible to grab good-looking stills. To do that live at an event and print copies adds a lot of work (+ more staff which means more expensive), but it can be done! I’m currently trying to work out whether we could deliver GIFs, video clips, or photos via email within minutes… This concept is still new and I think there are a lot of cool possibilities!

          • Wow, delivering the goods within minutes?! I never even thought of that. The last time I took photos, we saw previews immediately but got the actual goods at least two weeks later. If you could get some awesome stills out of the high-res video, I’d be one of those brides who’d be happy to wait weeks or more to get them (to give you and your team ample time, and especially if that helps keep a reasonable budget).

  2. This is super amazing. I think this would make a great addition to any wedding…or living room. And that gif doesn’t even need to be titled. “GLITTER, BITCHES” is exactly what everyone who looks at that will think.

    Also: Can we talk about how ridiculously awesome Wil Wheaton’s outfit is?

  3. WOOHOO! Thank you Megan for the feature! Gotta give a shoutout to Offbeat Vendor, Rebel Belle Weddings for organizing this amazing bash. We had SO MUCH FUN and I hope the SlowMo Booth sees a lot of action in 2014!

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