Toast the Rainbow with Skittles-flavored drinks

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Ashley and Alexander wanted a sparkly toast without the champagne, so they put out sparkling water and dropped a few Skittles in each for a bubbly drink with a little fruit kick. PLUS… color!

You surely could go through the process of infusing vodka or other libations, but this way they only spent a total of $10 and everyone got to toast with something fun. Plus, is this not amazing for a dry wedding? There is no reason that dry has to mean just soda. Shake it up!

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  1. A super fun drink for the teetotallers/designated drivers/kids at a non-dry wedding, too – it’s nice to have something a bit special for everyone to have for the toast 🙂

  2. At our 30-ish people wedding, 11 of the guests will be kids from 3-14… I think this will be a great/fun way to include them in the toast.

  3. This is an awesome idea! Even with sparkling grape juice or cheap champagne! I’m thinking this is an awesome way to throw in a toast to gay marriage being legal at my wedding-have skittles on each table and for the special toast each person dunks it in and we all say “cheers” to our marriage being legal in Ohio someday!

  4. I’m totally stealing this idea. We’re going with a completely dry wedding because there are peeps on both sides that don’t know when to quit, and get quite argumentative when they’ve had too much. There’s also likely to be a bunch of kids at the wedding, so this will be a fab way to include them and give their parents a reason to hate me. 😛

  5. I did the vodka style last December for my husband’s birthday. He hated the purple, even though he loves purple skittles. Just a heads up, they may not taste the same as the candy! Enjoy your skittles drinks!

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