What’s so awesome about SimpleRegistry? (Hint: iPhones are involved)

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Wedding registries — we love 'em! You get to pick your own prezzies and fill your newlywed abode with everything you've been desperately needing.

But what if what you need can't be completely registered for at, say, ONE department store? Then you gotta use a service like our sponsor SimpleRegistry — a one-stop cash registry service that enables you to add activities, experiences, and items from any retailer in the world to one easy-to-manage registry page.

And here's four reasons why SimpleRegistry simply (see what I did there?) kicks ass:

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  1. Add anything to your registry. Anything you can think of, and apply a cost to, can be added to your registry. Mix housewares, honeymoon activities, local artwork, museum tickets, etc., all on one registry.
  2. Freedom. Redeem all gifts as cash and decide where, when, and how to arrange the purchase of your gifts.
  3. Group gifts made easy. SimpleRegistry makes it easy to register for bigger-ticket items and split the costs so that many guests can contribute.
  4. iPhone App, bitches! Snap a photo of any item with your iPhone, or scan a barcode with the camera, and the item is automatically added to your registry.

I know you wanna use your awesome iPhones to register for your wedding, so go on and try it out!

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  1. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! ! ! ! ! ! I LOVE that they have an “eliminate the fee” option. Amazing. Perfect. Thank you!

  2. so… you don’t get the acctual gift to unwrap, you just get the cash? Or do you have to go to the store to pick up the gifts…

    I’m confused

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