Guitar Signing

This guestbook alternative is rock genius. If you and your partner are musically inclined, immortalize your wedding day with an autographed instrument. Jenn and Cody's fabulous guitar is sporting some seriously colorful fine-tip Sharpie scrawls. I love the VIP signatures feel to it. Not into the rock and roll? Mulling over a Mahler-inspired version? Sign a violin! Toot your own (autographed blue French) horn! Make beautiful music, people, whatever that sounds like in your world.

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Comments on Rock star guestbook alternative: Sign a guitar!

  1. My husband to be suggested this idea for our wedding (as he is an avid musician) and I thought it was so cool! Course when I mentioned it to a few friends and family members they thought it would be too “difficult” for the guests. What’s difficult about signing a guitar? Needless to say, we’re doing it anyways come 3 months! I love seeing that someone else did it without much “difficulty”. 🙂

  2. I am also doing this…we purchased a black electric guitar on Craigs List..also some silver Sharpie pens…I am concerned though that it will smudge off…should I be coating the guitar with something before people sign it?

  3. I’m really not sure whether or not to do any kid of “guestbook.” What’s the point a month, year or decade later. Thoughts?

  4. We did jenga blocks at our board game themed wedding. Now the signed ones sit in a bowl amongst our game collection. Note: my “extensive” research found that sharpie PENS (not the ultra fine sharpies) wrote the smoothest on the blocks.

    My sister got a shuttefly book of engagement pictures and printed her whole ceremony (readings, vows, etc) alongside the pictures. This book was actually used in the ceremony and then she had her guests sign anywhere in the book, but you could also get a few blank pages at the end and do it yearbook style.

  5. Looking at guitars, I am thinking a unfurnished one, then lacquering it after the ceremony. I have a guest book for guests to write messages, but the guitar is for signatures. Hope that works, I’ll find out soon:)

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