Meet the fascinator: the ultimate fashion for short-haired brides

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A bride with short blond hair wearing fascinator and making a silly face
This is how you rock short hair and a fascinator at the beach. Photo by Kelly Jensen

Short-haired brides, we love 'em! Though you may not have a lot of hair to style on your wedding day, your wedding day can still have a LOT of style. Check out our roundup of some of our favorite fascinator + short hair combos — from headbands, to veils, to DIY styles.

Long-haired brides, beware: you may be reaching for the shears as you scroll…

(Psst: If you want to see more information about the weddings behind the hairstyles, click on the photos and enjoy!)

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A lovely fascinator with feathers, mesh, and a fabric flower. Photo by Lindsey Tweed.
so excited
Tasha with the fascinator her groom made her!
Lane in her handmade, eco-friendly yellow bridal fascinator. Photo by Elisa Lazo de Valdez
Portrait before ceremony
Oh man, I'm still blown away by Pinkee‘s enormous feathery fascinator!
07-0609 Lang 9
A simple butterfly clip looks hot as a fascinator — especially against dark hair like this!
he's so handsome!
This is how Cailey, a hairstylist, rocks the short hair and fascinator.
fauxweddingI012 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Get the in-depth info on this bridal fauxhawk look over here.
Headband and fascinator duo! Photo by Erica Camille Productions.
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Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you can't get WILD with your fascinator headpiece, like Jess.
Here's a destination-friendly fascinator from Stephanie's Honduras wedding.
over the shoulder
Go vintage with your short hair and hairpiece. Photo by Daria Bishop
DIY mini veil 2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Remember when short-haired Breanna showed us how to make her mini veil?
Just the Two of Us
Kyle got her hair flowers from Etsy. Photo by Story Photographers
You can't go wrong with a headband with small flourets. Photo by Desiree Haigh
During the ceremony
I love Nicole's wisp of a veil with her feather fascinator. Photo by RWP Creative Photography
My hair piece
Our former intern Becca rocked a large fabric fascinator in short-short bright red hair.
Erika got dramatic with the veil on her fascinator.
Neither getting married in a hospital nor short hair stopped Rebekah from rocking this adorable headband.
Love Never Dies!
Kory had the double fascinator action going on.
You may not notice Jaleen‘s fascinator because this photo is so fabulous, but I love how it matches her dress. Photo by Kyle Monk
manya 034
Tanya went for the bright red tulle fascinator which looks amazeballs against her dark hair.

Would you believe that this is just a snippet of Offbeat Wed's short hair inspiration? Make sure you continue on the inspiration highway by checking out our MASSIVE short hair archive. And if you're looking for fascinator trends that our readers love, browse the Offbeat Wed Shop.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for putting our photo in your article, which I loved reading/looking at. I just want to clarify that our photographer was the amazing Erica Camille. I noticed a misspelling. We are the bride’s pictured with dual fascinators.

  2. Yay! I have thin, fine white-girl hair that’s just curly enough to cause trouble, and last year, I finally had enough and cut it all off. I love my pixie cut, and these pics are great inspiration for how to fancy it up!

  3. Being a black woman with very short, natural hair for most of my life….I was always a bit sad at school dances and special events or even on dates because I have no hair to “do”. Couple that with the fact that I don’t wear maske up…and I generally feel a lack of “special” ….I feel like a child playing dress up or that I justt don’t fit in. Because of these feelings..I am all obsessed with finding something to adorn my head with come my 2015 wedding, so thank you for the inspiration!

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