Beth + Garrett's Camp Epic Wedding

Here's an amazing idea for those of you who won't have your rings available on your wedding day. Maybe your custom rings won't be finished in time. Maybe your best woman lost them moment before the ceremony. Perhaps you aren't going to be wearing rings at all. Or, like Beth and Garrett, you're deciding to get your wedding bands tattooed at a later date. If so, grab a Sharpie and steal this idea:

Garrett and I decided we'd get our rings tattooed later, so we settled on drawing Sharpie marker versions of the rings on each other in place of an actual ring exchange.

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Comments on Use a sharpie to show where your ring is going

  1. You could totally do this with the metallic sharpie colors!

    I may end up doing this if my fiance doesn’t find a ring that he wants in time for our wedding this July.

  2. Or you could go Father Goose (Cary Grant & Leslie Caton) Style, with a band-aid 🙂

    Or a ribbon? or a wire? (not thinking twist tie type, but electronics type) Or embroidery thread? Or if outdoors, a mini daisy chain?

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