Y'all know I'm a huge fan of a simple wedding … and this gorgeous Montana wedding from Crackle Photography feels like the perfect combo of small, stripped down, and yet insanely sexy. Thanks to Kate for sending me this one!


The bride opted to prepare for the wedding in the great outdoors, plopping herself down on a picnic blanket to get pretty.


The ceremony was simple and presided over by a friend in front of what looks like about 50 people.
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And what was I saying about it being a sexy wedding? HOT HOT HOT!


To see more amazing photos (and to make yourself reconsider if you REALLY need ANY of those decorations you've been obsessing over) click on through!

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Comments on Sexy Simple Montana wedding

  1. what a beautiful wedding, great choice of local and the photography is amazing, I can feel your love coming through the web and into my room! Love to you both…

  2. That is gorgeous! I love the picture with the groom putting a ring on her finger. He looks so happy and excited :-D. I do have one question. Where did the couch come from? I would love a random couch in a field to play on ;-).

  3. Wow absolutely gorgeous. God even looking at the pictures makes me feel liberated, like running through a forest! Whooo-hooo!

  4. Hi everyone thank you for posting this wedding – it was a great one to be a part of. The dress was made by the bride and a friend. The couch they found that week in an antique store for only $300 – we dragged it to the truck and took it to the field from their living room! It was a magical forest and day!

  5. i am totally having a pedicure picnic after seeing that photo – and am envious that my guest list has crept up to being so big… this looks just lovely, elegant, special…

  6. Yay!!! This wedding looks amazing — and I heart Crackle Bingham! She is WONDERFUL! Can’t say enough nice things about her and how lovely to see a friend/fellow photog on OBB!! 🙂

  7. shhhh… don’t tell Crackle, but we hope she will come to the next family wedding… when ever, where ever in the world it may be! and, the bride was born with that hair…and… the groom really is as wonderful and kind and sweet as he looks…

  8. Gorgeous! I to looove the couch.
    As a side note not related to these amazing pictures…I noticed a random google add at the top of the post, was that intentional? It included a Zales ad that didnt seem to fit the offbeat vibe, just wondering.

      • Sarah, we show google ads to non-regular visitors. If you’ve viewed less than 10 pages on Offbeat Bride, you see an ad. Once you view 10 pages, the ad goes away.

        Offbeat Bride is a business, and ads are how I pay our hosting bills and editors. Most of our ads are offbeat-focused, but Google ads are a part of the business model, too.

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