Seattle’s Blue Sky Bridal has the affordable, eco-friendly dress of your dreams

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Photo by Carly Bish.
Photo by Carly Bish.

Washington state brides, we just found where you're going to get your wedding dress! Blue Sky Bridal is a very small bridal shop located in Greenwood, Seattle, owned by Jen — yet another Offbeat Bride-turned-Offbeat Vendor. Blue Sky is dedicated to offering you green choices for wedding dresses — selection includes pre-owned contemporary, vintage, reconstructed, and (when they can find them) new sustainably and ethically-made gowns.

Let's dive into their eco-friendly ways and gush over real-life wedding photos of Blue Sky Bridal dresses in action… in forests, in cities, in the rain, and even on top of a mountain…

Photo by Angie Agostino at Wheelhouse Design and Communications
Photo by Angie Agostino at Wheelhouse Design and Communications

First, I want to share this awesome quote from Jen:

Our clients have ranged in age from 19 to 81, and we are equally enthusiastic about weddings of any (or no) religion, and equally happy for the couple whether straight or gay. Our only goal is to have a dress that our clients loves, that is in or under her budget, ready to go, and easy on her conscience.

The shop is a labor of love, and we're pretty relaxed and friendly. We're about one hemp garment bag away from being a Portlandia sketch.

Photo by Christopher Land.
Photo by Matthew Land.

Blue Sky Bridal‘s goal is to reduce the number of new dresses made for weddings and to promote eco-friendlier options for gowns and accessories all around. Blue Sky also makes a special effort to have harder-to-find sizes available in store — both plus-size and petite! They have an awesome selection of vintage dresses, and Blue Sky also works with the very talented Amanda Vernell of Twice Blushed for custom reconstructions.

Photo by Abbey Hepner Photography.
Photo by Abbey Hepner Photography.

Because Blue Sky Bridal carries gowns on consignment, their prices are a heck of a lot cheaper than new wedding gowns, and all of the money stays in the Seattle community. Ooh, and all you already-married lurkers (we know you're there), Blue Sky is always looking for gowns to consign. And anything they can't sell they offer to ship to Brides Against Breast Cancer for the consignor.

mountaintopFinally, all of Blue Sky Bridal's inventory is available online for your at-work or late-night browsing pleasure. So click around, find a few dresses you're into and then go have an awesome and easy wedding dress experience over at Blue Sky Bridal.

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  1. How great to learn about this business! But I assume Jen meant that she wants to give each client a dress that’s “easy on her” conscience, not “conscious.”

    • Thanks! Yeah, It’s driving me crazy, too. :-S I asked Megan if it could be corrected, so hopefully it won’t be like that forever. Believe me, I’m cringing…

  2. Hey guys, this has been fixed! Many apologies for the typo, which made it past three sets of editorial eyes. :/

    That said, until we get our new crowdsource copyedit plugin running on Offbeat Bride, please just email us with corrections rather than posting comments — email is always the quickest way to reach us!

  3. Vanessa here! First time poster, long time stalker. Getting married in 2014 and I’ve been stressing over the dress. I want to try on dresses in a store not just stare at them online and hope they’d fit. Thanks for posting something like this, I live down in Oly but had no idea there was anything like this nearby! Can’t wait to visit in the future!

  4. lovely lovely dresses and photos! do you have the contact info for christopher land? i’ve had no luck with him and the google…

    • Hi Beth, We found out his name is actually Matthew Land, which was causing the problems Googling. Sorry about that. we’ve made the change in the post and you can find his website here.

  5. I live in the greenwood neighborhood and found this place driving by and I’m so happy I went it. I went online and looked over their site at dresses and made an appointment to go in.

    What I liked was that they kept a high standard of cleanliness. They ask you to take off your shoes and in trying on dress you wear white gloves. They were very helpful and allowed as much or as little privacy as we wanted when Assisting with dressing.

    My only warning is the dresses being previously owned are taylored to someone else’s frame so there are higher expenses on getting it altered.

  6. I got my dress there!!

    Super-fun experience. The dress I ended up buying (a reconstructed vintage one by Amanda Vernell of Twice Blushed) I didn’t even pick out at first to try on. The awesome ladies at the shop recommended I give it a try and as soon as I had it on, I started crying because I finally felt like a “bride.”
    Point is, they are experts on what will actually look good on you (some of the ones I picked out looked much better on the hangers than me) and will make you feel pretty and special and comfortable through the whole process.
    As for alterations, since my dress was by a local designer they’re friends with, I was able to come right into the shop to have the designer herself make it absolutely perfect for me.

  7. The ladies here were so nice. I didn’t even meet them, but talking on the phone and cancelling my appointment last-minute (I’d just found the dress), they were so warm, caring, and helpful.

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