“Getting naked does stuff”: finding yourself with body positive boudoir photography from Jezebel VonZephyr

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Seattle body positive boudoir photography via @offbeatbride

Seattle body positive boudoir photography
We never get tired of hearing stories about boudoir sessions. These sexy and empowering photo sessions almost always flip on a confidence switch that we just LOVE. That's why we always love partnering with fantastic and body positive boudoir photographers like Jezebel VonZephyr Boudoir in downtown Bothell, WA.

Let's talk about what a boudoir session with Sara from Jezebel VonZephyr can do for not only your confidence, but also your soul. Yep, it can be that transformative. We'll also see why “Getting naked does stuff” and how you can score TWO discounts.

Seattle body positive boudoir photography via @offbeatbride

Sara talked to us about meeting women in their 40s who have never felt beautiful in their lives, women whose weight has fluctuated and they want to see themselves in a new way, and women of all shapes and sizes who come to see the beauty and power that their partners have seen all along.

How does this body positive boudoir work?

Sara has always maintained no one needs to be Photoshopped into a supermodel, and that your curves (or lack thereof) are beautiful as they are. Boudoir requires embracing an amount of vulnerability, and that's where Jezebel VonZephyr shines. Sara will guide you (OR even your group!) through getting comfortable in front of the camera so that you feel your most free and certain that she's capturing your real beauty. And trust us, she will be.

Stop thinking about your body size, your age, your insecurities, and the little voice inside telling you that this is a bad idea. Jezebel VonZephyr will embrace what makes you, well, you. You'll be co-creating this experience based on your interests, personality, and how you want to be seen.

Seattle body positive boudoir photography via @offbeatbride

Let's hear from Sara herself on what she has discovered doing body positive boudoir photography:

I have photographed women in recovery from major eating disorders that were once afraid to show anyone their bodies. I have seen women strengthen their marriages, women rise above their past and overcome childhood trauma. I have provided a lot of tissues for happy wet eyes and watched partners in photo reveals reconnect with their wives. ‘This is how I see you every day,' were the words one husband used as his wife let her own tears roll down her cheeks in awe of her own beauty.
Seattle body positive boudoir photography via @offbeatbride

Here are a couple of amazing notes that came in to Sara after some recent photo shoots:

Seeing is believing right? Looking at my body, feeling its warmth, gazing into my own eyes, and touching my own skin, I'm seeing some true stuff… I've been asked how you can only look to yourself for guidance without looking to a higher source. And the reality is I don't know about that or really know much of anything. The only thing I know for sure is me. My body and experience is the only absolute thing in my life. It is here right now as it has always been and I'm only just starting to see the magnificence. Getting naked does stuff.
“That was taken the day my soul and eyes were opened to the beauty that is Cheryl. I finally saw it and knew it wasn't a dream I used to weigh over 300 pounds. Why? It was my armor. Maybe, just maybe, this would keep me from further abuse or from dealing with the scars that abuse had left on my heart and soul. I had/have been through years of deep therapy, life coaching programs, etc. I don't know if it was ‘just' the pictures that day or a combination of everything. I do know, however, that I am a changed woman. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am empowered. I am valued. I am whole. But best of all, I am Cheryl.”

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Seattle body positive boudoir photography via @offbeatbride

Are you ready to find healing, confidence, and best of all, your best self with a body positive boudoir photography session with Jezebel VonZephyr? Get in touch and find your bliss.

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  1. I am always mystified by the people who have found such great success with boudoir photo sessions. I had one, and I never even bought the photos. I couldn’t “see” the beauty or picture what would ever happen with these photos to make myself feel better. This is not judgment of other people, because obviously it is a HUGE benefit to some people. I just wonder if I am the only one who had a less than eye-opening result? (And note, it was not with this photographer. I don’t think I blame the photographer in my case, either, and that it might just be me.)

  2. I’ve considered doing a boudoir shoot as I thought it would be nice to gift my fubband. Plus the photos are so classy… however I’ve yet to find the courage to be naked in front of myself, never mind a stranger. Maybe one day I’ll pluck up the confidence and courage to do it… my fingers are crossed for myself and anyone else who struggles to see their own beauty. 🙂

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