Why Seattle’s Carly Bish is an Offbeat Bride’s best friend…

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Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)The last time I got to talk to y'all about Seattle wedding photographer Carly Bish, I warned you about how Carly ain't afraid of risking bodily harm to get you some amazing wedding photos. But, in the year or so that she's been an Offbeat Bride sponsor, we've come to learn that her combo of risky behavior, awesome talent, and fantastic personality makes her an Offbeat Brides best friend… sometimes literally:

“Will you be home tomorrow? I have a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls for you, fresh for delivery!”

This was a text message sent to me earlier this week by my sweet Offbeat Bride, Lisa, who got married in June and was featured on Offbeat Bride, and gave particular mention to her amazing taste in delectable food. I just don't think it gets any better than that! A relationship with a wonderful woman who hired me for my professional services and skill and now texts me when she's made a fresh batch of tasty goodness and wants to share it with me… Did I win the client lottery or something?

Or are our readers winning the vendor lottery? I think it's a bit of both. Here's why…

Jessica and Terry's wedding in Seattle.
Jessica and Terry's wedding in Seattle.

The relationships Carly creates with her couples go beyond the wedding, and that's unusual and fan-freaking-tastic. What engaged couple doesn't want a good friend who's also an uber-talented professional wedding photographer!?

From the moment I'm hired, I pursue my clients in ways that most wedding vendors won't. I love going out to dinner with them, followed by a solid round of karaoke. I'll also offer my hands for their DIY'd wedding projects and we'll have a craft night together. I don't want to just show up on the wedding day to do a job. I want to be there as a support, as a friend, and as a visual narrator to a couple's story who I've gotten to know over the better part of a year. And the images are that much sweeter as a result.
Isabelle and Greg's wedding in Hawaii.
Isabelle and Greg's wedding in Hawaii.

All you non-Seattle peeps have just as much as a chance to have Carly become your wedding photographer/BFF. Carly's traveled a lot in the last year for weddings — she's traveled to California several times, and shot her first weddings in Hawaii, Colorado, and New York.

Nearly half the weddings I photographed in 2012 came from Offbeat Bride and as a result, I've developed a strong taste for weddings with color, grooms that wear their heart on their sleeves, surprise endings, and, inevitably, travel. Because apparently, awesome people live everywhere, not just in the Pacific Northwest.
Bride Krista at her Mt Rainier wedding.
Bride Krista at her Mt Rainier wedding.

Want another escuse to make Carly Bish your best friend? How about a special discount AND reduced travel fees…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Right now, Carly Bish is offering 10% off her wedding package (up to $350) or get a free engagement session. Additionally, because of her aforementioned love of travel, Carly's offering extremely reasonable rates to destination weddings taking place outside the US for 2013 and 2014. For more information, you can email her: [email protected]

Caroline and Joe's Colorado wedding.
Caroline and Joe's Colorado wedding.
I'm already so excited about what's to come in 2013 — Burlesque performers, unicorn themed decor, pink wedding dresses, piñatas, and new places I've never been. Offbeat Couples are bringing it next year, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be part of it all. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful, unique, and quirky people hire me, but I know being part of the Offbeat community is largely to blame and for that, I can't thank them enough.

Will you be the next couple to “bring it” for Carly? We hope so! Go get in contact with her before she completely books up.

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  1. Carly (and her husband George) were the photographers for our wedding in August. We really wanted someone who would be able to capture our natural feelings and movement. We didn’t want the photos to be overly pose-y. We really do look like ourselves, only better ;). She gives direction well for portrait shots and manages to be everywhere without being distracting when capturing action. Carly and George did such a fantastic job catching the spirit of our wedding. Carly is also incredibly personable, which is so important because you spend a lot of time with the photographer on your wedding day. She also did our engagement pictures which were awesome. Can’t say enough good things about her. Great to work with.

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