Karissa and Jonas were married in Santa Barbara among rich colors and gorgeous murals. Karissa designed her own dress after a Coco Chanel design and coupled it with a 20-foot silk cape for her train. Other details included gold-dipped bird skull boutonnieres, a travel book where guests wrote well-wishes on their favorite locations, and a 1950s Chevy getaway car.

The ceremony was held in the Mural Room in the Santa Barbara Courthouse. The reception was held at Opal, a local Santa Barbara restaurant. Thanks to Kappen Photography for letting us in on this gorgeous wedding.

















To see more photos, head over to Kappen Photography's blog post.

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Comments on Rich colors, huge murals, and a 20-foot train

  1. I love the drama of the cape train! The practical part of me though, worries what it would be like to drag it around. She has much more dedication to style than I!

    • Jess, you are totally right. It was very impractical and I totally drug it through the mud the whole day – I did not think that through at all! But it was fun. πŸ™‚

  2. Absolutely stunning.

    This is proof positive that ‘big’ (in terms of $$) weddings can be as authentic and representative of a couple and their love as any sincere thrifted/hand-hewn production. It takes all kinds.

    I just really love the drama and the spectacle here! Sometimes it’s fun to go whole-hog on a social ritual. πŸ™‚

    • Katie, I’m flattered that this looks $$ to you, but it actually was a DIY wedding! My whole outfit cost less than $150, the “gold dipped” stuff was from etsy and the Mural Room is actually part of the courthouse in Santa Barbara and was like $200 to rent for 2 hours. Doing the “whole-hog” DIY and on a budget is a pain in the butt though. πŸ˜‰

      • Really? Holy doodle! It’s so lush and rich, it looks like a million bucks. πŸ™‚

      • It really does look like a million bucks. I can’t believe that mural room only cost $200. And that dress only cost $150? I have no clue how. I figured having my future mother in law make my train and skirt would be cheaper, but it turns out just buying it online costs the same as the fabric we found! Absolutely beautiful

  3. My great-grandfather painted those murals! How cool to see them in someone’s wedding!

  4. So any thoughts as to what you’re going to do with the train now? The fabric is so lovely, it would be a shame to put it away in a box somewhere.

  5. So the skull bout is inspiring me. You can make floral arrangements using all SORTS of found natural objects. Shells and egg casings and bones and rocks. *_* Oh, and also, the green getaway dress and the groom’s suit are just right!

  6. it all looks amazing – great details.
    is that what is called a waterfall bouquet?
    and hell YES let’s bring back the “getaway” outfit!

    • i think it is called a waterfall bouquet, but it was ridiculously heavy!

      and why wear one fancy outfit when you could wear two, right?! ^^

  7. I love the richness of the colours! Everything looks so sumptuous- and that train is stunning!

  8. We very nearly booked the mural room for our ceremony too! Sadly all our available dates aren’t available for them πŸ™ Congrats and GORGEOUS wedding! <3

  9. Possibly it’s just raging hormones, but I started tearing up at the beauty of this wedding.

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