7 awesome ways to add Scrabble to your wedding day

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My fellow word nerds, we like some serious Scrabble. Also fun Scrabble, whimsical Scrabble, subtle Scrabble, and tasty Scrabble. How do I know? It's all over Offbeat Bride. Let me gather it together in a nice pile of tiles and let's see what we can arrange on our rack, shall we?

Scrabble As Gifts and Favors

Scrabble Cufflinks
KidCrayola shared her custom cufflinks made from Scrabble tiles in the Offbeat Bride Flickr Pool. MReow… 9 points?

favors: scrabble tile magnets!

These Scrabble magnets are magnetic poetry in the making. See how tribesmaid HurricaneMe offered these tiles-turned-magnets as favors and more geeky wedding favors in our epic geeky favor collection for every genre.

Scrabble As Signs

Guestbook Tree
Kris and Alex's Sophistigeek wedding had Scrabble touches — subtle signs like this guestbook rack are fabulous. Their wedding has lots more inspiration for the gently geeked-out.

Guestbook Tree
Kris says “We used Scrabble boards as signs at my wedding reception Wherever we'd want to leave a note, we did it with Scrabble. We tossed Scrabble tiles (and D&D dice) on tables as ‘confetti,' too.”

Scrabble As Decor

Aaron's place settingGuests at Tribe member Wildwoolf‘s wedding found their seats using Scrabble trays and tiles that spelled out each guest's name. They then dined on amazing Scrabble-themed placemats! Inspired? We have even more ways to spell Awesome Placecards.

Scrabble As Treats

Cupcakes with Scrabble Just Married picks courtesy of Jolene and Jason. This is a fabulous DIY – a bit of glue and some toothpicks, and if you can't bear to sacrifice your home game, that's ok. Did you know Amazon sells Scrabble tiles by the bag?

So how'd we score, fellow word nerds? I'm thinking the triple-word-treats and double-word-gifts are pretty sweet bingos. How will you rep your Scrabble love? Get in the game!

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Comments on 7 awesome ways to add Scrabble to your wedding day

  1. We had a giant scrabble board for guests (and us) to play! It was handmade by a friend, and we still have it, it’s huge!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! Clay and I are scrabble addicts and needed ideas on how to include it and this really spurred our imaginations!

  3. We bought enough individual vintage timber scrabble letters to spell our names with an ‘and’ between them. We’ll be using them for our engagement shoot, an image of them as the main banner image on our wedsite, and we’ll use them on either our table or the cake table at the wedding reception.

    The funniest part is we bought them at some markets from a lady who had a crate of them. We found all of the letters bar one within a couple of minutes, and then spent another 15 minutes looking for the last elusive letter! We ended up getting a parking ticket too, lol.

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