Rock ‘n’ roll wedding favors to match your kick-ass wedding

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As I've mentioned before, picking out wedding favors was one of my favorite activities in wedding planning, but I know not everyone enjoys the task, so allow me to provide some wedding favor inspiration. As with everything when it comes to weddings, everything is optional, and so are wedding favors, but they can be awesome if you find the right stuff.

It's no secret that rock ‘n roll inspired weddings are muy popular with offbeat brides. So I thought I'd do a round-up of the various and awesome wedding favors that have been offered up at all the rock ‘n roll weddings, rockabilly weddings, retro weddings, Dia de los Muertos weddings, punk rock weddings and musical weddings…

Mixed CDs

Wedding Favor CDs
Who doesn't love the gift of music!? Put together a mix of your favorite songs on your wedding playlist and give them out to your guests. Like the mixed cd pictured above from Jessica and Christopher's wedding Plus it's a super romantic gift to yourselves — listen to it again at any time to relive your rockin' wedding day. You get extra points for using the cds that look like records.

Guitar picks

Customized guitar picks are one of my favorite favors that OBBs have introduced to me. The picture above is of the amazing pink guitar pick favors from Khaki & Carl's tattoo infested wedding and they came from Donelle and Adam, of 8-bit wedding fame, got their pixel heart guitar picks from


Picture 1
Buttons are great for every wedding because it's so easy to DIY them or purchase customized ones. But for a rock ‘n' roll wedding, I love the idea of using buttons with song lyrics about love.

Shot or pint glasses

wedding favors
I love these pint glasses from Jesse and Moselle's wedding they say “til death do us part” with a skull and crossbones and they're stuffed with candies wrapped in tulle. You can do the same on a smaller scale with shot glasses. Instant awesome.

Mini tequila bottles

Day of the Dead wedding favor mini patron bottles
Holy holy hell how neat-o are these mini bottles of Patron with DIY labels from Virginia and Eddie's Dia de los Muertos vow renewal!? Way to make alchohol look both cute AND badass! PS: For everyone asking, these labels were made custom — you can't buy 'em like this! Virginia bought the bottles at a local liquor store, and made the labels herself.

Beer koozies

Speaking of making alcohol look cute… I love these beer koozies from Charli and Steve's wedding. Charli explains, “we designed [the koozies] ourselves based on a concert poster we stole off the side of a building and we ordered them from — they had good cheap prices and didn't make up use clipart.”

Temporary tattoos

Fun, interactive and so very creative. These have been popular with offbeat couples, their guests and even kids! And they can be customized with your names and wedding date. These temporary tattoos from Emily and Ian's tattooed rocker wedding are really cool looking.

Custom concert paraphernalia

Pictured above are the “VIP passes” from Christine and Greg's rock ‘n roll wedding. They happen to only issue these to the wedding party, but wouldn't it be cool to give to all your guests? Several offbeat couples, like Silvia and Timo created custom concert-style wedding posters. (The picture at the top of this post is of Silvia holding their custom rock posters.) Print 'em out, roll 'em up with ribbon or in a decorated tube and voila, your guests have some awesome custom artwork to remember your rockin' wedding.

Like in my previous post about edible wedding favors, if you got any more ideas or rockin' inspiration, leave 'em in the comments!

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  1. Seeing as copyright and duplicating and all that have come up quite a lot recently, I was just wondering how that would work when making a custom cd. Here in The Netherlands it’s not even possible to professionally copy music without paying contribution to the author and authorities. That would make it one hell of an expensive gift though…

    • It’s a bit easier in the US — the mix tape is an honored tradition. It’s much easier to give away a hard copy of a mix CD than to pirate music online, which people still do but can get sued for.

      • It might be a “time honoured tradition” but as the US are signatory to the Berne convention, it is illegal.

        Making a mixed tape or copying CDs is as much theft and breach of copyright as pirating music online, or stealing a graphic designer’s work.

  2. we have made up tempory tattoos not unlike the ones in the pic above with our wedding date on the banner. We are putting them in a little box with jelly beans and spaceinvader choclates i made with an icecube tray.
    ive been testing the tempory tattoos on my mum. she secretly loves it!

    I’ve been totally inspired by the pint glass idea! would they be terribly expencive?
    xXx <3

  3. I’m currently enquiring about custom rock candy for my wedding… with my name and my fiance’s name and a love heart in the middle 😉 they’re tasty too!

  4. I LOVE the mini tequila bottles!

    My FI and I had actually already planned on giving temporary tattoos for our wedding favors (along with ring pops – he proposed to me at Bonnaroo with a ring pop) because we’re integrating classic tattoo designs very subtly in our decor and invites. I found a great place online where I ordered them in bulk, already cut, and could pick the designs I wanted.

    • Ring pops! tht so sweet! i got a kinder suprise instead of an engagement ring hehe. we have integrated old school style tattoos into our wedding too. ive been making tempory tattoos myself with this fancy printer paper but i would love to know the website you are getting yours off, it might make life a little easyer for me. hehe

  5. we are totally doing the button thing. 3 different designs, but hadn’t thought about song lyrics although, we are titling the wedding “I want to hold your hand” so maybe we’ll put that on there! if you need a button vendors. Alix at is awesome!

  6. Is there any way to get more info about giving mix cds or flash drives with music? That was my plan but now I’m worried. I think I might just use songs that are available free at least somewhere on the internet…

    • flash drives with music!? what a delightfully geeky idea. Um… I don’t know the ins and outs of legalities and stuff with giving music but as Jill said above, “the mix tape is an honored tradition. It’s much easier to give away a hard copy of a mix CD than to pirate music online.” People have been compiling their music onto tapes and cds to give to friends and lovers forever, and I wouldn’t even think twice about putting together a mix of love songs for wedding favors, and I don’t think anyone else would as well. I mean, as long as you paid for the songs you used originally.

      • You can’t do it in the UK; you’re not even allowed to copy/back up a CD you’ve bought to keep for yourself. That said, it’s unlikely you’d get caught.

      • Paying for the songs originally doesn’t give you the legal right to make copies to give away.

        Agreed you’re not likely to get caught and most people wouldn’t think twice. However some people do view pirating music in the same dim light that many here view stealing graphic designers’ invitation designs, or stealing fashion designers’ dress designs.

        It’s breach of copyright and it’s stealing from the musicians you love. (Other options are to pay for each track on each CD so it’s all good and legal, or paying licensing fees, or recording your own covers – all a bit of hassle, I know. But legal.)

  7. We did the cd, but it wasn’t a mixed cd. My husband flat out wrote, recorded and mixed all the music for our ceremony. We sat down and made some cover art, and bam! wedding gift. All legal and homemade.

  8. Where did they find the labels for the Patron bottles a friend is doing that and is looking for them!

    • Hi, I was wondering if you have found any information on the mini patron bottle labels? I’m trying to do that for my Save the Dates but I’m having a hard time finding anything. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated!:)

  9. We’re doing wedding cds on the vinyl cdrs and trying to get an authentic record-look. Any suggestions for cheap printers that can do small quantities (150ish) of good looking cardstock cd sleeves? Thanks!

  10. At my sister’s wedding, she had a live band, and since a lot of my aunts (I have 8 aunts!!!) are big-time dancers and band-tambourine-stealers/players, my sister had mini tambourines that had custom stickers that said “Jodi and Matt – Celebrate the Love” on the flat part of the tambourine as favors for all the guests. They were a huge hit with everyone, and it was funny to see the whole crowd dancing and playing the tambourine with the band!

  11. We have thought about pint glasses, where were these ordered from? Can’t find reasonable prices

  12. My husband and I made cds as favors..and the books in the cds were our programs…and we made extra books with out cds…to avoid copyright issues we had his band record 5 songs that went on the cds. 🙂 Bands can do covers as long as they’re not making profit off of them..from what I understand..

  13. Some music themed images from our recent wedding on the 28th May 2015!

    We met on Facebook in 2013 after Riccardo saw my photo in a band forum… he came to watch me perform at a gig and the rest is history!

    There’s quite a few music themed items in the facebook gallery link – hope you enjoy!

    As well as this we had guitar shaped scratch art bookmarks for the kids, inflatable guitars, a photobooth and temporary tattoos in the kids bags!

    Vic x

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