Rock candy flowers and 11 other unique bridesmaid bouquet ideas

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Thanks to photographer Michael Andrews for sending us some unique floral inspiration from Simi Valley-based florist, Flowers by Susan.

Look at this amazing bridesmaid bouquet. We've seen feathers and flowers before, but we've never seen colored sticks of rock candy added to a bridesmaid bouquet before!? How SWEET (har har) is that?

A unique bridesmaid bouquet is a great way to add some extra special touches to your big day. Not everyone wants to go with the traditional bouquet of roses. Here are some unique ideas for bridesmaid bouquets that will make your bridesmaids, groomsgirls, or nonbinary bridesmates look and feel their best on your special day.

bridesmaid bouquet
Can you believe this bridesmaid bouquet is made from WOODEN flowers?
  1. Pampas Grass Bouquet: Pampas grass is a trendy and versatile plant that can be used in many different arrangements. It's long stems and fluffy plumes make for a unique and elegant bridesmaid bouquet that is sure to turn heads.
  2. Air Plant Bouquet: Air plants are a great option for those who want something low-maintenance and eco-friendly. They are easy to care for, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for creating a personalized bouquet.
  3. Succulent Bouquet: Succulents are not just for gardens anymore. They are a great option for a bridesmaid bouquet as they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and they are also low maintenance. A bouquet of succulents is a unique and eye-catching addition to any bridesmaid’s attire.
  4. Mixed Flower and Herb Bouquet: If you're looking for a bouquet that is fragrant and beautiful, then a mixed flower and herb bouquet may be just what you need. Think lavender, rosemary, and sweet peas for a beautiful and aromatic bouquet.
  5. Paper Flower Bouquet: For a more sustainable option, consider using paper flowers to create your bridesmaid bouquets. They are long-lasting, easy to transport, and come in a wide range of colors and styles.
  6. Wildflower Bouquet: If you're looking for a rustic or bohemian feel, a wildflower bouquet is a great choice. The natural and unstructured look of wildflowers will create a relaxed and effortless feel.
  7. Single-Stem Flower Bouquet: For a simple and sophisticated look, consider using a single stem flower for each bridesmaid’s bouquet. Sunflowers or calla lilies are great options that provide a bold and beautiful statement.
  8. Fruits and Florals Bouquet: If you're looking for a bouquet that is both beautiful and delicious, consider using fruits and florals. Add some colorful fruits like kiwis, pomegranates, or figs to a bouquet of florals for a unique and playful look.
  9. Ribbon or Lace-Wrapped Bouquet: For a more traditional look, consider wrapping your bridesmaid bouquets in ribbon or lace. This adds a classic touch to any bouquet and can be easily personalized with different colors and textures.
  10. Fan-style Bouquet Made of Dried Flowers or Foliage: For a long-lasting and unique bouquet, consider using dried flowers or foliage. A fan-style bouquet made of dried flowers or foliage is a great option for a wedding that has a vintage or bohemian feel.
  11. Wooden flower bridesmaid bouquets: Wooden flower bridesmaid bouquets are a unique and modern option for your bridesmaids. These bouquets are made from wooden flowers, which are cut and shaped to look like real flowers. They come in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to find the perfect bouquet to match your wedding theme and colors. One of the biggest benefits of wooden flower bouquets is that they are long-lasting. Unlike real flowers, wooden flowers will not wilt or fade, so you can keep your bouquet as a memento of your special day. They are also a great choice for brides who have allergies to real flowers, as they do not have any scent or pollen. Another advantage of wooden flower bouquets is that they are more environmentally friendly than traditional bouquets. Real flowers are often grown in far-off locations and shipped to where they are needed, which is not very environmentally friendly. Wooden flowers, on the other hand, can be made from sustainably sourced materials and do not require any water or fertilizer to grow. Overall, wooden flower bridesmaid bouquets are a unique and modern option that are sure to make a statement at your wedding. They are long-lasting, eco-friendly, and come in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to find the perfect bouquet for your bridesmaids.

There are so many unique bridesmaid bouquet options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something fragrant, eco-friendly, or simply beautiful, there is something for everyone. So, pick a bouquet that suits your style and personality, and make your big day even more special.

Like maybe, you know, ROCK CANDY!


We also love how folks are getting creative with their Seriously, some of the creative DIY projects we're seeing just blow our minds!

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  1. I didn't even notice the rock candy at first glance, very subtle! I in fact had to review the pics 3x to see them. But now that I do, I love it!

  2. Love it!

    Someone should carry cotton candy as their bouquet!
    Or candy apples!
    Or lollipops!
    Or a lollipop bouquet!
    Or Pocky!

  3. I would've never thought of using rock candy as part of a wedding bouquet. How deliciously sweet. Actually, making a candy bouquet for a flowergirl would be absolutely adorable.

  4. I'm not normally a big fan of elaborate/expensive bouquets, but that top one made me stop and go "ooooh."

    • Thanx so much for the accolades… it’s a blast to finally create what I’ve always wanted to create… xxx

  5. I'm not normally a big fan of elaborate/expensive bouquets, but that top one made me stop and go "ooooh."

  6. I am enjoying and truly appreciating all the positive response to my work. I am crazy about what I get to do for a living, and am extatic to have come across Michael on my path… He's the only photographer (ever!) that's really gotten/understood what I am trying to express. Thank-you, Michael, for making me look so damn good!

  7. Thank-you, OBB, for the exposure you have given Michael and I! More design innovation in the near future!

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