481740_10100549143928122_1379666293_nY'all know I love all things sharks. That's why I was thrilled to see this amazing photo floating around (get it?) in our Flickr pool from b00kbug. I asked b00kbug to tell us more about her ring shark…

The shark is an Air Swimmer, basically a remote controlled balloon — the tail swishes back and forth to propel it through the air. But it's filled with helium and we were worried about a small gust take off with our shark! So we tethered it to a remote control shark car (its actually shaped like a shark!) with fishing wire.

We had a designated shark operator, and we practiced the timing. Our officiant asked for the rings, best man fumbled in his pockets as if he forgot, Jaws theme began playing, and our shark strolled down the isle, toting a white pull string bag with the rings inside. And we kept it a secret from all our guests.

The shark was also introduced in the reception as a member of the wedding party!

Gah, I wish I had thought of this. Oh wait, inflatable swimming air sharks hadn't even been invented back when I was engaged. But now that floating air sharks are a thing, they can totally be just THE thing to get your rings down the aisle in fin-tastic style.

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Comments on Have a shark as your ring bearer

  1. Dun-nuh! Dun-nuh! Dun-nuh!
    … thank you, Jaws will now be stuck in my head all day today.
    That’s hilarious! I bet your guests loved it 😀

  2. I’m really scared of sharks. This would have been a hilarious thrill for me, as a guest.

  3. Hahahaha! I own this! It’s so awesome, and this idea is amazing! (good thinking about the car to keep it from floating away, on the box it’s specified as an indoor toy only).

    I put it in the spare bedroom to keep it from flying up to my 20′ ceiling, and when I opened the door…there was this shark face trying to nudge it’s way out of the door!

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