This red panda cake topper is the squee we need today

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Adorable red panda cake topper
Lil Red Panda Wedding Cake Topper from Lil Fimo Toppers

Valentine's Day was last week, but that doesn't mean we can't still relish in a little lovefest, right? I found something super uplifting and adorable to give you just one small minute to focus on luuurve. Like this seriously squee-worthy red panda cake topper!

It's giving me a lovely respite from the day-to-day imagining these two red trash pandas getting married, while NOT getting super scared of someone walking by. Wait, you don't know that reference? Well now you'll really love us for giving you this…

Red panda scared gif

Red panda overreacting is the hero we need right now.

Oh, and guess what. There's a unicorn version. Unicorns and red pandas and hearts and everything good, oh my!

Adorable unicorn cake topper
Lil Unicorn Wedding Cake Topper from Lil Fimo Toppers

What's going on top of your hypothetical cake, if you'll be eating one?

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