Feed your inner Rainbow Brite with this happy cloud manicure

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rainbooowMy inner Rainbow Brite is squeeing over this manicure. Plus, compared to some nail art (I'm looking at you, swirly!), this one looks very doable. Camille at Pshiiit.com even created this awesome little animated tutorial, which is exactly what I need when it comes to nails: elementary hand-holding for the ham-fisted. You might want to employ some tape or stencil strips to make the lines even, but other than that, just stripe it up, dot the clouds, add some optional glitter, and ride your unicorn down the aisle on a carpet of rainbow magic.

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  1. I can’t do my nails worth a crap, but oh man I want to try these! I painted my partner’s toes for Easter so maybe he wouldn’t mind rainbows for beach season. Agh…now I just need to invest in more colors of nail polish. I only own pink and teal! Has anyone tried a night sky version of this yet? Maybe even a lunar rainbow?

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