So you're thinking to yourself, “Self, if a rockabilly bride gets the hot pin-up hair, then what does a pychobilly groom to do keep up with the hotness?”

Answer: Mofo rocks a mohawk!



And then you're thinking, “Self, what about the shoes? Those rockabilly brides get all the cute shoes — what would a hottie groom wear so as not to be outdone by her hounds-tooth pumps?”

Answer: Leopard creepersDUH, Self!


And finally, in this long monologue with yourself, you're thinking, “And what about the hottie psychobilly's groomsmen? How would they look?”


To see more sexy details (hounds-tooth accents! amazing flowers! more!) from Chelsea Dee & Keith's rockabilly/psychobilly wedding, read the full profile!

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Comments on Psychobilly groom with a mohawk

  1. Are these Chelsea Dee's pictures?? I've been waiting to see them, and I was not disappointed! 🙂

  2. awww i love you guys 🙂 i submitted a profile whatchyamacallit to Ariel, but you is too busy! thanks for making this really neat post about us! and thanks to Suzi for being badass

  3. Alexander Reed doing the make up! I watch him on youtube, he's amazzzziiinngggg.

  4. Your dress is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for–lacy and feminine but also fun and fitting for a kickass party. May I ask who made it?

    • wow, sorry i just saw your comment.. hope its not too late!!!! I actually got my dress at David's Bridal.. who woulda thought? I'm sure you've already found something great though 🙂 sorry again!

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