The lovers, the cave dwellers, and me: gorgeous cave weddings

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As far as alternative venues go, caves are pretty rad. The lighting, the water, the flippin' ambiance… it's a recipe for us digging the hell out of it. We don't see many weddings in this type of venue, but when we do, it's photo time. Here are some of our favorite cave weddings from Offbeat Bride past.

Check out this glowing wonderland.


Extra chic hard hats, amirite?

ta da

Dear lawd, this lighting is making me believe in cave love.

Untitled Musicians The vows

Making it official in the Dan-yr-ogof Cathedral Cave.

Signing the Register

A sunrise ceremony, a seriously exquisite venue.

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See, they can't stop marveling, either.

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Who else is choosing an alternative venue for their wedding? Chime in down in the comments!

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Comments on The lovers, the cave dwellers, and me: gorgeous cave weddings

  1. Caves are beautiful settings, but they are also very fragile, slow-healing environments.

    If you’re going to use a cave for your venue, please follow the “leave only a footprint” philosophy.

    And more importantly, *please* educate yourself and your guests about white nose syndrome. It’s a fungus that has killed over 6 million bats in the US. Humans don’t get sick from it, but we can easily transport the spores from cave to cave.

    If you want decontamination details, maps, and further information you can check out

    Sorry for the lesson, but I work in a State Park in an infected region. Educate yourself and get express permisson before you use a cave space.

    Infected areas are cracking down on general usage. Here in Missouri, if you’re seen going into or out of most faced on state property, it’s an automatic $500.00 fine.

    • Please please please, take this warning super seriously. The entire brown bat population of the single largest colony in my province (6,000 individuals) has been wiped out (last count was 5 and all were infected and expected to die shortly). It’s devastating and can effect entire ecosystems. Pesticide use is increasing due to the lack of bats and food costs are expected to go up as a result. Bats are not prolific breeders so populations take decades to recover in many cases. Don’t be that person who thought it wouldn’t be them who brought the spores, just don’t.

  2. These look gorgeous but watching The Descent has put me off caves for life *shudder*

  3. Next June we are getting hitched in an old brewery’s cellar/cave. It’s also haunted and I could not be any more excited.

  4. The sunrise ceremony is my favorite wedding ever on this site. So nice to revisit it.

  5. Ooooh, the Dan-yr-Ogof one is me and my hubby 🙂 It was our second anniversary a month ago. So many happy memories. I completely forgot to upload our pro photos, I guess it’s a little late now?

  6. I am getting married in Carnglaze Caverns (pics 1-3) in November. Can’t wait!!

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