Set out popcorn and flavor shakers for a fun (and cheap!) cocktail hour snack

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We are no strangers to talking about the awesomeness of popcorn on Offbeat Bride, so when I was checking out Elba and Brad‘s wedding, I figured you all had to know about their customizable (and inexpensive!) cocktail hour snack!

Picture it: a big vat of popcorn and a few different shakers of dry flavors. Obviously salt is a biggie, but mix it up with cinnamon and sugar, cayenne and Lawry's seasoned salt… maybe lemon pepper and basil? Your imagination is the only limitation here. Just think how spectacular this would be alongside a circus-themed wedding! A movie-themed wedding? Kid-friendly reception?

Not having a cocktail hour? I've never been to a wedding where no one wanted a late-night snack after hours of dancing and drinking!

Tell me. What popcorn flavors would be ABSOLUTELY essential at your wedding?

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  1. We did this at our wedding, everyone loved it.
    We got a bunch of fun spices, some caramel syrup, and even ranch dressing mix! So fun.

  2. Okay, funny story. We arrived last to our cocktail hour after taking the formal portraits with our family. I made my way over to the bar to get a drink and saw this mystery bowl of popcorn sitting on the corner of the bar. I did not intend for popcorn to be included in cocktail hour, I hadn’t provided the bowl, and I was a little miffed that the caterer had set it right in front of my bar menu. I stood there staring at it so confused like “Where the fuck did that come from? Is someone playing a trick on me?” Then one of our friends walked up to it and scoop some up into a cup and I figured what the hell? Who doesn’t like popcorn?
    Turns out my aunt had brought a giant family bag of popcorn along when we’d set up the venue the day before. We never got around to opening it and she just left it in the kitchen so when the caterer arrived and saw it she just set it out thinking it was intentional. Yay for happy accidents!

  3. This actually sounds like an amazing idea! Like, something I would actually do at my own wedding! I think I would have some sort of cocoa powder with mine (like, hot cocoa mix or something? maybe?) in addition to salt and ranch mix. This sounds super, amazingly cheap and easy, and while I don’t actually like popcorn, except for every great once in a while, my boyfriend/fiance to be and my mother both love it.

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