Use Polaroids to personalize your wedding decor

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Katie and Clinton's centerpieces featured these Polaroid photos of special places and moments. It seems like the perfect pre-wedding get-away: jump in the car and head around town to snap instant photos of your favorite restaurants, date spots, where you got engaged, etc.

Then slip them into your flowers, display them in photo stands, or string them on photo wire. Voila — super personal centerpieces.

Check out the rest of Katie and Clinton's photo-tastic family fun farm wedding for more of their wedding hijinks.

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  1. Instead of Polaroids, which haven’t been made in since 2008, the Fuji Instax camera is great! You can get portrait-oriented film that’s the size of a credit card, or larger landscape film. The camera is about $75, and each shot will cost about 80¢ (and you can get it all on Amazon). It’s the same effect as Polaroid, without having to scavenge expired film at crazy prices!

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