“If I were” a place card name tag

Guest post by evewasinnocent

OBT member evewasinnocent is taking her mother's creative party place card idea and putting her own spin on it for her upcoming wedding. And she's not only giving us the whole scoop, but giving you permission to steal this idea…

At my college graduation party, my mom had the brilliant idea to create name tags with each person's name (obviously) and their relation to me; ie: “Jenny's Friend,” “Jenny's Aunt,” “Jenny's Mentor,” ect. My FH's mom liked it so much she did the same thing for his grad party a year later. And now we're doing it for the wedding too! Of course, I had to put my own spin on it:

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These are going to be printed on Avery US labels #5895 which prints eight to a page. We'll also have straight pins on hand for people who don't want to stick it their clothes. So far, I've created thirty-five unique “If I were” statements. I think I'm going to shoot for fifty, but that may be a stretch. Than I'll start repeating. As long as no one sitting at the same table has the same question, it'll be fine.

I think it's better if none of the questions are too obscure. And you could just use the same question for everyone (maybe “what cartoon character would you be?”) but I wanted to create some talking points.

Anyway, feel free to steal at will. And blessings on you.

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Comments on “If I were” a place card name tag

    • Awesome idea – but I was wondering the same. And also did you have lots of tags that said ‘friend of the bride and groom?’

  1. such a cool idea

    just wondering how do you work it for wording when you get down to the random + 1 guests like

    “I am the wife of the grooms work colleague”?

  2. well, i’m stoked that you gave us permission to steal this idea…because i TOTALLY AM!!!!

  3. This has well and truly been pinched for our place cards. Thank you so much for the great idea.

  4. In answer to two questions: yes, we have quite a few that say “Friend of the Bride and Groom”. I’m debating whether use that phrase for guests of guests whom we’ve never met though… I might just say “FirstName LastName’s Guest”.

  5. This is a FANTASTIC idea that I wish I’d used for the reception. I had a similar-ish concept for the rehearsal dinner that people can definitely steal too. At our rehearsal dinner, I made name cards for all the families (my parents are divorced and my husband and I have 8 siblings between us so it was ALOT of people who hadn’t met before). The name cards had the person’s name and then underneath it said “ask me about the time…” followed by a reference to a story that involved me or my husband and the person. I gave all the family members the wrong name tag, and told them to find their name tag and tell that person the story. It was a great icebreaker! And on the back was a little mini-family tree so you could keep all the siblings and spouses and nephews and nieces straight.

  6. Real idea of genius, what a brilliant mother. The questions kind of remind me of the questions I used to ask campers around my dinner tables.

  7. These seem like they would be so cool to print on labels and then stick them on your plastic cup at a party. What a cool way to keep track of your drink and be a conversation starter for people who don’t know each other!!!

  8. Awesome idea, thinking about it for our engagement party! Would you please share the 35 different ideas you had?

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