Seal your vows with a pinky swear

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pinky swear

We've seen a couple of high-fives exchanged over the nuptials, but I am loving this pinky swear from Bethany and her groom.

Bethany said they did it because “you NEVER break a pinky promise.” Sounds like the right amount of serious business to me! If there's another “secret handshake” that you share with your partner, totally roll it out with your vows.

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  1. We Paper-Rock-Scissored to see who’d go first sharing our vows. It was a fair way to go. Made for great photos, too, as we’d given the heads-up to our photographer.

  2. Me and my boy made a pinky promise once that was right where our relationship began.
    Sitting on the stairs in my student halls at 3am after talking all night long. We had gone through a difficult time at the start of our relationship and so we made a pinky promise “to be friends no matter what”. At special moments we have solemnly renewed that pinky promise. We were thinking of quietly renewing it together after the wedding.

  3. Whenever we make promises to each other we do the pinky promise so I’vebeen looking forward to doing the pinky promise at our wedding. 🙂

  4. Me and the hubby to be pinky swear all the time then lock it put it in a pocket I would have never thought of doing this after the vows I LOVE IT!!! And rock paper scissors to go first LOVE IT!!!

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