Your wedding theme, venue, or hair could get you a SLAMMIN’ photography discount

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Possible wish list item: Pink and blue and purple-haired wedding party of awesome chicks!
A pink and blue and purple-haired wedding party of awesome chicks may just get you an awesome discount!
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Wedding photography real talk: The more you photograph weddings, the more talented you become. And the more you talented you become, the more you charge for your super-awesome-above-the-norm services. Which is great — Yay kicking ass at your craft! BUT the more you charge… the less you shoot certain kinds of lower-budget offbeat weddings.

It happened to me when I was shooting weddings, it's happened to a LOT of our vendors over the years, and it's happening to our sponsor Karina Picache of OhKarina Photography. But Karina isn't going to let that stop her from her days of wine and rose-bouquet-alternatives! Check out her master plan that involves THREE special discounts for Offbeat Bride readers…

bowling ball wedding

I've been on Offbeat Bride forever, I can totally go on and on about what a nerd I am how I love my nerdy people, but I won't for now. 🙂 But, I'm a little sad because, as I've bumped up my price point, I'm getting (still-awesome-but) less colorful clients, and I miss my super offbeat couples who might not be able to afford me anymore.

I love my Offbeat Brides… I always want to love my job and always want to love my clients, and I never want to be bored. So for 2016… I am willing to give SLAMMIN' discounts for certain types of weddings and couples and locations that I've been wanting to shoot and haven't gotten to yet!

Aw, I remember feeling the same way. So let's check out all the ways in which Oh, Karina is offering slammin' discounts to keep her hands and lens on all our awesome readers…

airFORCE bride and groom

New York elopement discount

Although she lives in New England, she also has a base in New York City! Karina is offering weekday NYC elopements at a special discount in 2016… As she put it, “An elopement with me is threee hours (great for some prep, the ceremony, and some portraits around the town) for $1200 (a $450 saving!)”

star wars and zombies wedding

Boudoir photography discount

This is awesome: Karina is offering FREE SESSION FEES in the Boston area for her boudoir shoots on Monday-Friday in her Boston-area studio location. Hell, I'm about to hop on a plane to Boston to get images of myself that look anything like these.

tattooed bride with undercut hair

Which brings us to our final special treat from Oh, Karina Photography…

Photography wishlist discount:

Where are our Night Circus or Alice in Wonderland-themed weddings? Or a wedding that's just you guys and your officiant under a waterfall? Where are our couples with super ostentatious hair — colorful, big, shaved? Or our brides with tattoos — chest, back, sleeves? Oh, Karina misses you so much that she's offering one lucky couple a special $500 discount!

What you need to do right now is contact Karina with all the details about what makes your wedding awesome, or visually stunning. As Karina put it, “I want to feel your excitement. Feel free to supplement with photos of anything. If your wondering what I'm looking for, just check out the Offbeat Bride blog to get an idea.”

Karina is going choosing this couple by the start of March. So you better hurry and get to gushing about your offbeat wedding to Oh, Karina Photography right meow!

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  1. Karina was our photographer this past June and she was amazing! We had kind of a low-key restaurant shindig with dinosaurs everywhere and I love love love our pictures. And when we showed up for our engagement shoot with a purse full of googly eyes, a giant orange stuffed crab, and a squirrel mask, she was pumped (and took amazing pictures of it all). We were super uncomfortable about the photography aspect, but she made it fun and anxiety-free (which is saying something coming from me). Bring your craziest ideas to her!

  2. What wonderful offers! I lost the bookmark to her site a while back and in trying to track it down again what had stuck with me was “fun, bright, joyful, nerds welcome” 😀 She seems awesome and her photos are gorgeous. Will Oh, Karina Photography be at Lovesick Boston?

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