Make it easy for your guests to give you their wedding pics with a photo uploading station

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upload stationOn our post about incorporating non-techy wedding guests into your modern wedding, Offbeat Bride Monica had a super great solution for getting the digital pics from all your guests:

My family was tech savvy enough to have digital cameras, but not savvy enough to upload those photos to websites, etc.

We had a brunch the day after our wedding and I set up an “Upload Your Photos Here” laptop and HUGE sign. A couple of our kindest tech savvy friends helped the uncles and aunts upload and it saved us a lot of time trying to track down photos later.

You could even pull this off at the wedding itself. So grab a laptop, and ask your friends to contribute a few different cords (usb, new iPhone, old iPhone, etc.), write a sign, and get all your pics!

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Comments on Make it easy for your guests to give you their wedding pics with a photo uploading station

  1. I so wish I had thought of this. I just got married a month ago and I’ve asked everyone for their pictures, but I just doubt we’ll get them 🙁

  2. I think this is brilliant. So many people will just take their photos home in their camera and never look at them again, and then you never get to see them. (Or if you do it will be the low-res version on facebook.) If I were going to set this up, I would have a folder for each guest on the desktop and they could drag their photos from their camera right into that folder. Then you know who took what so you could give credit when you want to use their photo! Also like the idea of having this set up at the reception just before the exit so people upload all their photos before they leave.

    • At Christmas my family went through all the photo-books of my late grandmother and many of the photos were of people we never met so literally they were pitched. However it is a small community that she grew up in and a branch of my family still lives there. So my cousin took 12 photos from a wedding that happened in 1981 (about 10 years before she was born) to work on Monday or a co-worker at her seed company. Apparently the reaction was priceless. The photos may get there it may just take about 30 years.

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