Indian-inspired wedding menu from a wannabe foodie

Guest post by pisquared

I'm a wannabe foodie. I'm a pretty good cook, and I love trying new foods, but there is still a whole lot of stuff I haven't tried. I really enjoy good food, preferably of the fresh and local variety. I decided early on that good food was a priority for the wedding.

If I have a problem with food, it's that there isn't much I've found that I dislike and my husband is pretty similar. Add in me being indecisive in general, and the possibilities kind of overwhelmed me. I looked at a lot catering menus online. While they all sounded delicious, and I'm sure they tasted great (jeez, for some of the price per person costs, I should hope so), they were all pretty standard wedding fare. After much indecision on my part, one day my husband declared that we should have Indian food at the wedding. It made sense. We both love Indian food. Why shouldn't we have it at our wedding?

Our venue had given us a list of preferred vendors. One of the caterers on the list, Sugar Snap, specialized in fresh, local food and had just gotten a liquor license. Score! So, after an initial meeting, we discussed that we still wanted an Indian-inspired menu.

This is the menu they came up with…



Fresh fruit platter
Cheese platter, showcasing local cheeses
Samosas (Mmm… samosas…)

Buffet Dinner:


Green salad with lemon vinaigrette dressing

6834015754 eaa7940c64 c alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
By: Rachel HathawayCC BY 2.0

Coconut Curry Spiced Chicken Breasts


Spinach, brown rice, and chickpea curry (the vegetarian entree)

Sweet Potato Curry Salad


Rice Pilaf

Plum Chutney (on Pappadum)
Plum chutney on pappadum (by: Lenore EdmanCC BY 2.0)


Cheese Naan!
Cheese naan (by: Lachlan HardyCC BY 2.0)



20120922-IMG_5615-2131550469-OWedding cake

20120922-IMG_5520-2131579424-OD20 chocolates

Everything was delicious. I was very happy with the chicken. It's got Indian-inspired flavoring, but is easily recognizable as chicken breast. I think between the salad, rice pilaf, and chicken breast, even the less adventurous eaters had something to enjoy.

We're ALWAYS looking to share more wedding menus. If you have a delicious feast to share with us, please submit it and we'll try not to salivate on our keyboards.

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Comments on Indian-inspired wedding menu from a wannabe foodie

  1. Ahh, perfect timing! Sugar Snap seems to be one of the more recommended caterers in the area by venues. Glad to see they’re willing to do something more than just standard fare (although we haven’t gotten to that part of planning yet…)

    Now I’m craving Indian food…

  2. It all looks amazing (and yummy!) – would love to know where you found the D20 chocolates; super cool touch!

  3. I went to a friend’s wedding that was a full-on Indian buffet from a local Indian restaurant. The couple (both non-Indian) picked it because it is delicious and cost-effective, and because they wanted to have a vegetarian wedding and were underwhelmed with the vegetarian offerings of local catering companies. Since so many amazing Indian dishes are already vegetarian, they found it was a good way to have a veg menu that pleased all eaters. No one was looking for the “missing” meat. It was delicious!!

  4. That curry is making my mouth water! Everything looks super delicious. Smart thinking to have some of the foods be “recognizable” for the less adventurous guests!

  5. Not in a relationship, but I was introduced to the site a couple of years ago. This is my first ever comment. Oh my goodness! That looks so delicious! I will be honest that I love dreaming about my someday wedding and I would love to have Indian or Thai food served at my wedding! The only problem is that my Upper Midwest clan are unadventurous and stuck in the mentality of meat and potatoes. Maybe I will just have to say “the heck with it!” Thank you for the wonderful site and keep up the amazing inspirations!

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