We previewed this couple's AMAZING neon bicycle part centerpieces before, and now we've got the whole (just as amazing) wedding to share!

Bride and Groom

The offbeat groom: Mitch, Artist

His offbeat partner: Kelley, Artist

Date and location of wedding: Mutter Museum, Philadelphia, PA — April 13, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We did almost everything on our own. Kelley modified my tuxedo, and we had a friend in New York City design her white and neon dress out of a thrift store purchase. We created the place cards from a set of animal information cards we found. All the centerpieces were welded from bicycle parts, and Kelley made the flowers out of origami and bicycle wheel spokes.

Bride and Groom

Centerpiece 5

Centerpiece 3

Centerpiece 1

Centerpiece 4

The menu was our selection as well: steak, salmon, and tater tots(!) with a selection of pies for dessert.

The Bride's Performance!

The Bride's Performance!

Kelley is also an acrobat, so we set up a rig inside one of the rooms, and she did a performance immediately after the ceremony. Later in the reception, two of our other friends performed, as well.

Walking with the Bride

Tell us about the ceremony:
We had a Reform Jewish ceremony.

The Ketubah

Kelley and I designed the Ketubah (marriage contract), and we stood under a Chuppah.


The funniest part was when I put the ring on Kelley's wrong hand… and it didn't fit!

Bride's Dress

Our biggest challenge:
My family is huge, and Kelley's is very small. We were worried it would be unbalanced, but everyone seemed to have a good time anyway!

Just Married!

Centerpiece 2


My favorite moment:
Seeing all of our friends and family having a fantastic time (especially Grandma Bunnie), was definitely our favorite element. We did it as much for them as for us.

First Dance

What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding?
Don't discount a large DIY project, if it means a lot to you. With careful planning and timing, you can do it yourself.



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  1. Is that a paper crane necklace!? I love all the origami details. Congratulations to you both on a fantastic wedding!

  2. Whoa, what a GORGOUS wedding! I especially adore the pictures of the acrobatics, it looks like so much fun!

  3. &@$*%# those colors!!!! That dress!!! Those centerpieces!!!

    I totally agree with you on embracing a big DIY if it means a lot to you. I’m doing all the bouquets and my wrists are dying from all the sewing. But they’ll be awesome!

  4. Beautiful! Congratulations! I love that she kept on the striped neon socks for the acrobatic performance. She looks so graceful up there!

  5. I love that she is so confident when performing on the silks and looks terrified when being lifted in a chair!!

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