Twinkle lights and goofy grins: some of Pennsylvania’s Alysha Yoder Photography’s favorite offbeat weddings

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Pennsylvania wedding photography via @offbeatbride

Pennsylvania-based Alysha Yoder has some major street cred when it comes to photographing offbeat weddings. We're talking everything from Celtic handfastings to three-day Indian weddings to Buddhist weddings to Star Wars-loving board game fests.

Alysha's photography background is varied: commercial, fashion, editorial, food, portrait, and of course, weddings, so she's seen it all, including all variations of fun and interesting lighting. All of this experience informs everything she captures to make your photos look SO good, y'all. Alysha also doesn't have standard packages but instead builds everything based on your needs and budget, so you're getting a super-personalized experience that will work for you.

Let's traverse a few of her favorite wedding moments to see what she's all about and what is possible for YOU.

Pennsylvania wedding photography via @offbeatbride

Kristie and Nate had a beach wedding in Congress Hall, NJ. This was the speakeasy downstairs and provided a very cool fisheye photo opportunity.

Pennsylvania wedding photography via @offbeatbride

Beth and David had their wedding at the National Aviary, a really different style of wedding venue in Pittsburgh, PA. This photo is of them walking through one of the bird exhibits. They also rocked some board game centerpieces and even walked out of their wedding ceremony to the Star Wars theme.

Pennsylvania wedding photography via @offbeatbride

This was an engagement shoot for Nicole and Jim that Alysha shot at the Friendship Bridge in Harrisburg. She especially loved how it lights up at dusk and provides all the twinkling lights in the background.

Pennsylvania wedding photography via @offbeatbride

Tina and Todd had an elopement ceremony at the Fallen Tree Farms in Carlisle, PA. This is Tina and Todd seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony. Tina started crying and Todd got this goofy grin on his face. Alysha credits it as one of her favorite moments she's ever captured, and who could disagree?! I admit I got a little choked up.

Seattle body positive boudoir photographyAlysha's based out of Carlisle, PA (near Harrisburg), but she photographs weddings all over the East Coast and would love to snag a few more international weddings (hint hint, global readers!). Best of all, Alysha has a knack for kicking ass so hard at weddings that many of her clients book her services for their portraits and pregnancy and family photos. There's no better recommendation than a repeat client.

If you're on the East Coast, you need to keep Alysha on speed dial to make sure you don't miss your opportunity to book your date. Get in touch and reserve it now!

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  1. My favorite picture is the first one!! I love the back ground, they look like they are all alone and enjoying each other when they just got married.

  2. I love the atmosphere that has been captured in each one of these shots – they’re all so diverse but that sense of each couple and how momentous each occasion was is right there.

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