Marshmallow Peeps wedding centerpiece for a “rather bizarro wedding”

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Peep bouquet/centerpiece III

Here's a shot of the centerpiece/bouquet made from what appears to be dried flowers and marshmallow Peeps. All I know of the backstory is what I received in an email from the bride, Anna:

“I hate Peeps with a passion and have a long history with them, and they are cheap as hell so I thought they might have a perfect place in our rather bizarro wedding.”

peep wedding flowers

Peep bouquet/centerpiece II

(Thanks to kleptacular for the photo!)

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Comments on Marshmallow Peeps wedding centerpiece for a “rather bizarro wedding”

  1. I’m not getting married but I might have to do this for the much more conventional Easter.

  2. I don’t think the flowers’re dried – it looks like Statice. Tough call though, since it’s a flower that seems dried even when it isn’t!

  3. hah! awesome. my FH and I have a peep joke too… involving a rather disturbing image of “peep sex” that i inappropriately showed him before we were dating. so, this made me giggle.

  4. I love it! It’s the perfect combination of classic style and traditional wedding bits with some SUPER offbeat, character filled highlights!

    “THE HITCHING” beer-sleeves are awesome and they make a perfect kitschy, functional favor. I love the bridesmaids– they match perfectly in their red dresses, but they’re all in a style that they obviously felt comfortable in and that complimented their body type– you can see how laid back and happy everyone was!


    Mmmmmmmm the sugary goodness!
    Now days with PEEPS for all season, you can get them for other holidays as well.
    IE: If you have a fall wedding you could use the halloween fall PEEPS in Oranges and Browns

  6. Jill,

    I have at least twenty visions in my mind of what disturbing peep sex can be. Now if I only sculpt them I can enter the next Seattle Erotic Art show.


  7. Diann,

    I didn’t realize there were Peeps for all seasons! What rock have I been living under?!

    I just went to the Peep website (which plays an extremely upbeat tune that had me and the FH dancing around the living room) and, lo and behold, there is an entire Peep-related subculture! And a craft section dedicated to making things out of Peeps! Peep topiaries! Peep candleholders! Peep everything!

    Move over, Subversive Cross Stitch, I think I just found myself a new hobby!!!


  8. At bunnyjam, there is a guy named Dr.FrankenPeep and he welds together peeps to make disturbing monstrosities that are deliscious!

  9. I LOVE stale (hard,crunchy) peeps. I’d like live flowers…not into dried…w/lots of stale peeps around the bottom and people can munch on them b4 the wedding dinner. However, it’s my daughter Molly’s ceremony….I should let her decide……..

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