All the paper wedding flower inspiration you will ever need!

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Vintage Sheet Music Paper Flower Bouquet with Feathers (Photo by Nick Evans Photo)
Vintage Sheet Music Paper Flower Bouquet with Feathers (Photo by Nick Evans Photo)

Paper wedding flowers are rad — there is no doubt — and there are so many kinds and so many ways to incorporate them into your wedding. From bouquets, to centerpieces, to boutonnieres, to backdrops, let's see what Offbeat Bride readers have done with their paper wedding flowers…

Paper Porn 40_centerpiece daveRebecca_wed_0498 Paper Flowers The books I made for my maids to carry and the crepe paper roses I made for the chapel kisses by the lake (photo by nicola pravato) Jenny_Damon_164 The bouquets Classic ring photo 232323232-fp54365-nu=3367--3--832-WSNRCG=3883876874337nu0mrj Rainbow Centerpiece wedding 593 centerpiece our wedding 095 DSC_5088 Pink Bridal Bouquet Made From Coffee Filters

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  1. Wow! 100-year-old sheet music. I’m a musician and I can’t think of much more precious than that to put in a bridal bouquet.

  2. All my flowers for my wedding are paper! It has saved us a boatload of money and I can keep them forever. Plus making them gave me an excuse to watch a ton of tv.

    • Funny, I was thinking how the lack of smell would be a benefit for some guests — folks with allergies or fragrance sensitivities.

      • Agreed! I actually dislike when flowers are too fragrant at weddings – the smell interferes with the smell of the food.

        Also, there’s always air fresheners if someone really wants that floral smell without spending the money on fresh flowers 😉

    • I made some paper flowers just to put in a vase in my dining room but before I made them I stained the paper by soaking it in coffee. Now I feel like I have the best of both worlds, beautiful flowers that won’t wilt but they still smell fantastic, just like coffee and paper instead of flowers.

  3. Does anyone know of a tutorial to make flowers similar to the bottom ones? Everything I’m finding is is a different style.

  4. Just wanted to mention if you are doing kusudama for the boutonnières, be sure to have some spares made and handy. My dad’s fell apart after too many hugs and I had made a spare for my husband’s (comic book pages) but not my dad’s (sheet music). I probably didn’t glue them right or something!

  5. There are some fabulous origami-ists (whatever you call them) on Etsy. I found one who allowed me to borrow some of her origami wedding bouquets for a photo-shoot with a makeup artist. They were a lot of fun… and last forever if you don’t crush them.

  6. I’m making coffee filter roses for my flowers, and using them for everything! Centrepieces, bouquets, boutonnières, cake decoration… The whole lot probably cost me under 20 squids 🙂 I’m imagining people will want to take some afterwards, and I’ll be able to keep some forever too.

  7. For our wedding, his boutonniere and the groomsmen’s all contained portions of code he wrote while he was in college. My bouquet and the bridesmaid’s were all sheet music and colored paper. I also made a bunch of roses for the tables, but Bookworm Eats Flower made the bouquets and boutonnieres. They were freaking fantastic.

  8. Love these tutorials!! I absolutely love making beautiful flowers so these will be perfect to add to the collection!

  9. I’m actually way more excited about making paper flowers than I am about paying for real flowers. Has anyone had success making flowers out of newsprint? Future husband and I are both journalists and met working in a newsroom, so that would be cool and all, but I wonder if something more hardy wouldn’t work better. I have just started looking into options, and this post is AWESOME.

  10. Does anyone here know where I can get custom flowers made? I need a really specific set of colors and a very artsy design. Thanks!

  11. I made my bouquet out of sheet music, vintage French books on marriage, poetry, and literature. Some of the books and music I used were given to me by my MIL; they were piano books my husband used as a child, as well as her high school books. I also decorated it with crystal beads and peacock feathers, as well as a battery-powered light strand wrapped in tulle up inside it. I’ve had a huge demand for the flowers since posting pics, and my friends think I should sell the bouquets. I’ve been experimenting with scrapbook paper and tissue paper, as well.

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