w15Why kill flowers when you can just make one, in the case of this origami boutonniere.

The bridal party got origami necklaces, origami place cards, the centerpieces and even the bride's bouquet were made from origami flowers!

(Thanks to mysoldiergirl for the photo!)

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Comments on Origami wedding boutonniere

  1. My fiance is really good at origami so we thought it’d be fun to have some shower flower favors that are paper roses made from the pages of bridal magazines.

  2. I just love this idea!!! Questions: Is this girl in the OBT? Wear did she get her dress (my best friend wants it for her wedding)? Where did she get the flower instructions; book, website?

  3. my favorite thing about origami flowers, button flowers, fill-in-the-blank-with-other-awesome-crafted-flowers (other than how great they look, of course) is their permanence. keeping a few of those around in a vase would be a sweet, subtle wedding memento; the (live) orchids i carried at my wedding were awesome, but keeping them around for more than a few days was a bit too miss havisham for me. good on you, fauxflowering brides – i’m jealous!

  4. I guess I’m not a wannabe after all! I’m also having paper flowers and I have a book waiting for me on origami flowers at the library. Awesome!

  5. Cute one! My most recent project was to create a white lily using gum paper. It was really tiny and you gotta have a good finger to play with… but the result was awesome.

  6. This post is such perfect timing. I have been wanting to do origami cranes and flowers for my wedding day, but couldn’t think of how to combine them. Wonderful photos!

  7. I love the idea of origami flowers, and had considered doing them myself, since they can be made a few at a time way in advance.

    Thanks for helping me to see that paper flowers look AMAZING as wedding bouquets!


  8. Just want to say–thanks for the inspiration! After I saw this my fiance and I talked with my mom, who’s always done origami, and she’s going to make our table centerpieces and related decorations. It’s going to have a very different feel, she’s planning them around a modified Kawasaki rose design, but we’re excited. For some reason she thinks we need real flowers for the bouquets and boutonnieres, though.

  9. Why does everyone only ever do the iris or kawasaki rose? They are nice I guess but there have to be some more interesting flowers out there.

  10. I’m actually taking this to an extreme for my own wedding; I’m folding 1000 paper cranes to use for all manner of reception and ceremony decor. But aside from that, it’s a very meaningful and beautiful tradition.

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