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It's officially wedding season, and while many of you might be planning offbeat weddings, chances are good that you have a couple traditional weddings to attend this summer. Here's one non-intrusive, respectful way that you as an offbeat guest can bring a little offbeat flavor into any wedding:

Make a sign that says something like “CONGRATULATIONS, JOE & JANE!” Get as crafty as you want with it (like the chalkboard talk bubble!), or just print out a piece of paper. Then, bring your sign and your camera to the wedding, and during the reception, ask your fellow guests if you can photograph them holding the sign.

You'll end up with a bunch of photos sort of like these, which you can then print and make a sweet Blurb book for the newlyweds.

This is also a great way to interact with your fellow guests — you don't have to talk too long to anyone, but can make a point to meet everyone and make them feel a part of something fun.

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Comments on Add flavor to any wedding with guest photos

  1. I like this a lot! Good heads up! There’s nothing like setting yourself a photography project to spice things up!

  2. What a simple way to make a big contribution to any wedding. I think any bride and groom would be thrilled to get additional photos like this to remember their day!

  3. I not sure I would consider myself exactly an off beat bride–but I have enjoyed exploring the brides you’ve written about.

    I took your idea here in this post and spun it a little. I used a white board and white board markers to allow guests to write whatever they wanted.

    Since I was the bride, I asked my cousin to help me by collecting the photos for me.

    Some just wrote “congrats” and their name, but others gave martial advice and others were just silly.

    My husband and I LOVED looking at these photos later after the wedding. They are SO special.

    Thanks for the wonderful idea!!
    We have them on our flickr stream in a set here:

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