Xenia and Rinat: I loves me some Russian goth weddings

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walkingout alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

I found this amazing wedding in my referral logs, of all places. Russian photographer Anna Kovaleva captured this February wedding of a young couple from Ufa named Xenia and Rinat.

courthouse alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Is anyone else having Pushba & Grater flashbacks? I'm getting this warped impression of young Russia as being occupied exclusively by hot gothic couples in platform boots and hair extensions.

I've got a few more shots from this gothic Russian courthouse wedding for you…

To see tons and tons of images, head on over to Anna Kovaleva's site. And stay tuned for the full story… one of Anna's English-speaking friends has agreed to play translator for us. 🙂

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Comments on Xenia and Rinat: I loves me some Russian goth weddings

  1. Oh my god! The hair! The coat! The snow! The balloons! I can’t even handle it! ***PURDY OVERLOAD***

  2. Oh my god….these photos were absolutely stunning and it looks like they had a good time. All I can say is that truely unique style always transfers to beautiful photos. (also, I so what her hair….i need to find someone in NC to do that for me albeit with some tweaks!)

  3. Pushba & Grater’s wedding is in my top 10 favorites, that’s the one I STILL show everyone when I’m introducing them to OBB, and the one I still go back too when I need a good ol’ fashion SWOON….but now I have a new one to add to the arsenal of kick ass weddings to reference! I can’t wait to see/read more!!!

  4. Well, that does it. I’m moving to Russia and becoming a goth. These people are far too attractive to keep me at bay.

  5. Beautiful… Absolutely beautiful. One of my favorite weddings of all times… Hands down.

  6. Wow. So much win. Her eye makeup is A-frickin-mazing! *not so stealthy saves photo for future makeup fun*

    As well, I need to know where she got her coat. I could use something like that considering the recent weather here in winterland!

  7. Okay. So here’s the plan. My husband and I move to Russia and get remarried as Russian goths, because this is seriously too f_*_ing cool!

  8. Holy Russian Hawtness! R U EVEN KIDDING! I am pretty sure this wedding is the most AMAZING event I have ever laid eyes on. The eyelashes, the hair, the groom, the bride, everything! So f’n sexy it is not even funny.

  9. Must….have…..jacket…….

    *wipes away drool*

    Um seriously though, doing a second “wedding” in 3 weeks, outdoors and have no idea what I am wearing over my strapless dress so I don’t freeze my ass off. I would KILL for that jacket, although I don’t know if anyone would ever look as gorgeous as she does in it 🙂

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