OPEN THREAD: Does anyone have offbeat ideas for newspaper announcements?

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My mom and dad would like to do the old-fashioned thing of announcing our engagement in the local newspaper of my hometown (My parents still live there. I haven't for about 16 years, but still know tons of family friends back home.) I'm not opposed to the idea, but I would like to do something a little different, though on-beat enough that my conservative hometown newspaper will still print it!

Any suggestions for offbeat newspaper announcements? -Kathryn

Ah, ye ol' tradition of engagement and wedding newspaper announcements… Like a lot of wedding traditions, they're kind of out-dated, but still super-cute, and totally something to be offbeat-ified.

Any other couples publish their impending nuptials? What did you to make that tradition your own?

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  1. My brother in law surprised his bride by using the exact wording Benedict Cumberbatch used to announce his own engagement – for a Cumberbatch fan, it could be a great geeky nod while looking quite old fashioned and conservative-newspaper-friendly!

  2. Do I ever! Here is a link to ours:

    We wrote it ourselves and seriously had THE BEST TIME! I don’t think either of us had laughed that hard in a long time. Word of warning though, if you do something offbeat be prepared for the paper to be wary of printing it. While they didn’t fight us on the words they did ask us to submit a different photo that showed our faces. We politely declined and said this was the photo we wanted and if they couldn’t run it then fine. They ran it … but in the physical paper they stuck us in the back with the car ads away from all the “normal” engaged people!

      • Thank you! We’ve been playing around with writing a wedding announcement as well. We have this terrific shot of my husband’s Freddy Krueger gloved hand around my back from our first dance that also doesn’t show our faces so we really want to submit that along with another fun write up.

    • Are you a Welcome to Nightvale fan? Because that announcement sounds right at home with the podcast! (I love WTNV and your announcement both!!)

      • No, I have never actually heard of that but will absolutely be checking it out!

  3. Ours was relatively standard. We published a wedding announcement after the fact and after we got our pictures, so we had a standard wedding picture. BUT instead of the usual details, I focused on the details that were important to us. I figured they can see the dress, so why describe it, but I included the fact that I walked down the aisle to the Star Wars theme and some other stuff I can’t remember now. Our newspaper is not linked online, unfortunately.

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