Remember when we introduced you to the “My Black Wedding” wedding? Well, here's the whole scoop behind the beautifully goth celebration…

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The Offbeat Bride: Olga, Web Designer

Her Offbeat Partner: Sergei, Network Engineer

Location & date of wedding: Ascension Wine Estate, Matakana, New Zealand — 8.05.2009

What made our wedding offbeat: We decided on black rings, black dress, no cake, no dances, and a non-traditional gothic style wedding (although we are not hardcore goths). We also decided to make all the decorations, invitations, etc., ourselves to make sure none of the mainstream stuff would get in.

Our parents were shocked to hear the details, and one of them threatened to “photoshop” the black dress. We instructed our Celebrant to be as short as legally possible and to certainly keep “god,” out of it.

Most of the guests were shocked to see the black dress (as most of the people are traditional minded) but at the end they liked the theme.


Our biggest challenge: Biggest issue was getting the rings. Unfortunately every single jewelry shop we went into, had all the standard, mainstream choices of diamond/gold/silver jewelry. We were after black, preferably tungsten, rings. When we told the sales people what we are after they asked, “Are you are after black diamonds?” And when we explained what we really after they told us that they don't have and can't get something like that. So we had to order them online.3576284249 8f27499a16 m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

The first set what we got were the completely wrong sizes, but the company was nice enough to refund us. Then we got one ring for the groom that was perfect. And we ran into problems with bride's ring as it arrived the day before the ceremony only to be completely different to what we expected. So we had to rush into one of the mainstream jewelry shops and buy the least repulsive ring we could find for a temporary fill, until we coult get the real black ring.

Then there was problem with make up artist. We had booked one only to have him call back and cancel. Then we booked a trial with a lady who arrogantly told me that the make up looks bad because of my skin. Luckily, I found a make up artist that agreed to do me just before the wedding without a trial, in a very inconvinient time for her. She was great.3577088138 50a693cf04 m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

My favorite moment: When I was waiting behind the doors before main ceremony, Nightwish was playing, and my husband-to-be was waiting for me outside in the light rain. Then I walked out and every one was surprized, as they haven't seen me in my dress before.

My advice for other offbeat brides: Don't listen to your relatives, just do your wedding as you like. Don't get sucked into traditional mainstream, as the wedding is about you and not about how other people imagine it. Don't be afraid to do a lot of things yourself (it is the best way to achieve what you want).

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Comments on Olga & Sergei’s dark, gothic, wine-country escape

  1. Definately one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen! What a lucky guy!!
    Those blue eyes! **swoon**
    That dress is absolutely gorgeous! My jaw dropped when I saw it! Perfect!
    And some symphonic metal to tie it all in! Very nice!! 🙂 m/

  2. Utterly gorgeous. I may have to change my mind on what I want out of a dress after seeing this.

  3. OK, I kind of want that dress, like, a lot. And also, the groom's coat. Both of them at the same time.

    I love weddings like this that are so simple but everything comes together – beautiful couple, perfect setting.

  4. I love that you wore a black wedding dress. I just got one of my favorite catalogues and all the dresses I loved in it were all black. I wasn't sure if it could be pulled off for a wedding ensemble, but you have proven it can be done and look absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this very cool day!

  5. The whole thing is just beautiful!

    I cannot believe that a awful make up artist actually said that the make up looked bad because of your skin…you look gorgeous!

  6. Ascension is very close to home for me! Congratulations on your wedding and good on you for doing it your way!

  7. your make-up is so beautiful that I saved you as my inspiration for eyes! SO PRETTY

  8. Absolutely, stunningly gorgeous. I had a goth wedding (and was a "hardcore" goth). This is so beautiful that even the "all brides should wear white" people can't deny it. I'm jealous.

  9. My daughter is getting married this summer. I found this site and looked at this wedding. I thought eeee gads! How WRONG I was. I loved this whole wedding. I promise to have more of an open mind from now on. Beautiful does not have to be white dress and bridemaids in pastel colors. Simply beautiful!

  10. Ok, I need to find this dress (I see the website is posted but their brides section appears to be broken). Beautiful, beautiful hair, beautiful wedding!

  11. I bought my fiances engagement ring at Titanium Kay…I really like them. The ring was the wrong size when we got it and we easily returned it and they sent it back very quickly! Your wedding is amazing! I love it!!

  12. Wow, absolutely amazing. There is something ethereal about your black dress in this beautiful vineyard. Absolutely gorgeous. Screw the naysayers! Bravo!

  13. your make-up is so beautiful that I saved you as my inspiration for eyes and face.

  14. Simply the fact that you had Nightwish playing at your wedding makes your wedding THAT much more AWESOME!!!! Love it! congrats!

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